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Top DT prospect Jeffrey Simmons not invited to combine; Tore ACL in pre-draft workouts

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12 hours ago, Thurman#1 said:



This'll have a major effect.


I might consider him a couple of rounds down. Doubtless they'll do due diligence on him, including interviews of him, of the people involved in the incident and of people who've been witness to how his life has gone since. If they are convinced, I wouldn't mind seeing them draft a guy who would be out for a year in the third or fourth..


More, at that price, you could cut him without much worry if he had another incident of some kind.



They are going to interview the lady he was punching?

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On ‎1‎/‎31‎/‎2019 at 2:18 PM, HappyDays said:


I wouldn't have a problem drafting Simmons because the incident happened when he was in high school and he's been a model citizen since then. You'd put him on a short leash with off the field issues but it's not like he has a long history of domestic violence. He made one big mistake as a teenager.

I believe in second chances. If it's true he's rehabilitated, he might be worth looking at. My guess is someone will pick him up in the second round.


But I disagree with your calling it a mistake. Two plus two equals five is a mistake. Forgetting to put out the garbage can on collection day is a mistake. My first marriage - huge mistake. Beating the hell out of a girl is not a mistake, it's a conscious decision to commit a criminal assault. Calling it a mistake minimizes responsibility;  there no 'oops' moment.  

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Isn't this the kid that beat up the woman who was beating up his mother ?


I guess I don't have a major problem with that.

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