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Offensive Strategy Versus the Texans

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Draw plays slow down pass rush.


Draw also sets up play action.


Inside slants.  Lets our Tackles CUT Watt and Clowney (legitimately) to keep their hands down out of the slant windows.  Also has the secondary effect of slowing down the will of the pass rushers.


Not bubble-screen type plays, because Watt Clowney are long and get their hands up into lanes if not cut, and they both can run.


Wrs in motion a lot, so the(ir sorry asses) cant be jammed off the line.  Also helps Allen (begin to learn how to) read zone v. man presnap.

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20 hours ago, atlbillsfan1975 said:

There is a difference between hurdling a player and on a designed roll out realizing you have the angle to the sideline to pick up the yards needed for a first down. 

Right but the point is Allen isn’t running to the sidelines he’s going to try to get extra yards that’s how he is wired which is good but the coaches don’t want that from him this year the more he runs the less chance he has to develop and the more chance he has of injury 

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