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  1. What is the deal with Kenny Stills? I’m pretty sure we only took over his contract that ended this year but I also read an article that said Beane has been on Stills for awhile and if Brown is cut or does walk is Stills an option? I think he could be a nice addition. I would have liked if we used him in the playoffs with Brown. But if we can’t keep brown is Stills an option?
  2. What has happened to Kenny Stills? I know we only took his old contract over but it ended at the end of the season I believe. But I also read that Beane has been trying to get at stills for awhile now. Does he get resigned or do we let him go?
  3. Don’t think he’s worth it? Because of his injury history?
  4. Do you think players such as Milano, would take maybe a 5 year contract into a 6 year contract for example and have the 2021 year lower to help teams with the cap then add the difference into the next 5 years? I’ve heard FAs might take 1 year deals to build super teams but what about extended team friendly contracts for the first year that give both sides what they want? Has anything like this ever been done before?
  5. ***** I hope not. Just like Brady was To Manning and so many others. I don’t wanna be the team that coulda won 5 rings if “Insert Brady Here” 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. I also think Allen can become Mahomes’ Brady!!! 🤞🤞🤞
  6. The guy in a trench coat and a hat, musky, dark, the voice, and the whole feel. Wtf. But the Bucs are making the Chiefs look like how the Chiefs made the Bills look. We need speed. And I would love Winfield Jr. maybe I’m nostalgic but just sayin him and Tre. DAMN!!!
  7. Agree with all of it. I’d have liked to see Frazier go. His scheme against the Ravens was perfect tho. It did hurt us losing star and we need to cut all that dead FA weight from last year on the DLine. And the entire OL needs reworked as well. We need to be able to get pressure with a 4 man rush. And Edmunds isnt a solution to anything. Milano is key. Edmunds is being named to pro bowls is mind boggling. The only thing he does well is chase after someone who got past him. He’s made a few big stops but someone who has all the physical gifts should be making triple the # of plays he’s making. I
  8. I agree. He went back to being conservative which is what he is comfortable with. I love McBeane. It was just mind boggling to see how ***** both schemes were. But they will learn and hopefully grow. Josh also fell back into his trying to do to much. Which hopefully he works out of his system in year 4.
  9. We were. And if you want to dig deeper we also ran extra protection on the most plays so being a smart ass doesn’t work when you only do half the work
  10. Yeah most our packages had that extra blocker or 2. I mean maybe not even play but it was mostly just the O line against the chiefs That was one of the main things I saw about how to disrupt the chiefs I was baffled to. But Hyde said after when asked they wanted us to not miss jamming him then have someone outta position. The coaching staff really went back to their conservative ways in this one. But hopefully they learn
  11. Anybody have any idea? We’ve been using extra blockers all season to give Allen time. The AFC championship we did not and our OLine couldn’t hold at all on their own. The scheme of both sides of the ball was horrible. But why change something so drastic as your pass protection concepts and not do what got you there?
  12. I agree the theme of ex pa theta backfired here. But I think Espensa by year 3 is a key piece. Def should have drafted a CB higher last year. N Klein is not good back up. I agree the theme of ex pa theta backfired here. But I think Espensa by year 3 is a key piece. Def should have drafted a CB higher last year. N Klein is not good back up.
  13. Agreed. Defense missed star this year. He’s not a stat guy but he constantly takes up 2 blockers and is decent in run support. Ford on the other hand needs to do better.
  14. Keelan Cole from the Jags. He’d put up #’s in this offense and wouldn’t cost as much as Brown. I’d also like to draft some speed Oclave is prolly the one who is best that would drop to 30. He’s not as fast but would be another great route runner along side diggs
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