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  1. Pick it up. I think he realized a lot last year. He switched his diet and became more committed. I think he was young and arrogant. He got through most of his football career through pure athleticism. In the NFL it also takes hard work and determination which I believe he has now realized. I don’t think he will be worth the pick he was drafted but I do believe he will be out Murphy for a starting spot
  2. Honestly I think Milano will replace Zo and if this kid works out he will replace Milano
  3. Yeah because the people from over the pond swear we just got the leveon bell of rugby. So I guess we will have to see if he can make his game translate. Because according to them we are lucky as ***** and are to stupid to even know it lol
  4. I’m okay with that as well. But Williams has dominated every given chance. I’d prefer they stayed at 9 or drafted back but if they have a chance to get Williams who is arguably the best player in the draft and fill a hole it’s a huge win Getting the best player in the draft is stupid? I understand the class is deep but no one is as dominate It’s a question not speculation
  5. Ridiculous Zay Jones has been said by McDermott as one of the hardest working players on the team. Which means he will only get better. His work ethic will keep him from getting cut and he will be a lot better. Most receivers struggle for the first 2 years and shine in their third 3. There has been a few receivers in the last few years who have come in and been great right away but usually receivers take 3 years to adjust. Jones will benefit from his work ethic and the addition of the FAs and our WR Corp will be decent this year
  6. I dunno if you look there is an imprint on OJs suit where Poyers shoulder is pushing up against it. Dunno why it’s a big deal. OJ ain’t ***** no more and was hanging out with the girls in the box. I wouldn’t wanna pic with em
  7. I would love to see the Bills get Williams whether he drops to them or they move up. I really don’t think Ed Oliver is going to great. He is a great athlete but that only gets you great stats in college. Once he gets to the NFL I think he will be an average rotational player. Quinnen Williams is a beast bills need to find a way
  8. Yeah tell the patriots that 6th round picks don’t matter I agree but there hasn’t been a great tight end drafted in the first round in a long time they’ve all been average. The best ones have been drafted later in the draft
  9. Since when does someone need less picks? Great teams are built from within. All these free agents are hopefully only stop gap players until our own drafted players come into their own and can take their jobs. A team that can draft and develop well, is a team that can have longevity. If you have to spend all your money every year on free agents you will never be able to build a great team.
  10. Vince Young a 6 though 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. I’d rather have Hakeem Butler. He’s a beast and with josh Allen’s inaccuracy his size makes him impossible to miss. If he drops to the 2nd he needs to be picked up.
  12. Was the only thing I though Benjamin did worth while during his tenure here. Smh football is getting soft
  13. Wow that’s a great perspective to find. Thanks for this little bit of info. Very interesting
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