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  1. Rebel101

    Why take a knee with over a minute left?

    No I played baseball, basketball and football competitively into adult age and the younger generation was worried about making everyone happy and giving them all a trophy it is a professional team and non other would give us that respect. You try to score until the other team stops you. You don’t let up that’s how you lose and it’s soft and the coach is showing he doesn’t have a killer instinct which is very much needed in professional sports No killer instinct which isn’t good
  2. Why did the Bills decide to give the ball back to the Dolphins? McDermott didn’t want to hurt feelings?
  3. Rebel101

    Offensive Rookie of the Year

    Barkley is the 3rd rookie ever to amass 2,000 scrimmage yards. Baker on the other hand broke the record for most touchdown passes by a rookie QB. But I think I would go Barkley
  4. Rebel101

    [Name Only Title] Baker Mayfield

    Yeah I saw that as well crazy and Peyton manning and russel Wilson were the 2 who held the previous record with 26 and manning had a lot of INTs his rookie year. I wanted baker to the bills so bad and I hated the Allen pick but after the season has played out I do believe if he works hard he will be a savage and I think if he puts in the work the buffalo bills will be a force to reckon with. But I’m happy for baker, loved his play and competitiveness since Oklahoma
  5. I’m talking about eagles, rams, redskins, Seahawks, and the browns don’t need as much time to develop mayfield. The browns could be the eagles with wentz in his second year
  6. The new trend in the NFL, and recipe for success. Is to stack your roster around a competent rookie QB. It allows you to spend money on key pieces and spread the wealth throughout the roster while your QB is in a rookie contract. It is clearly a new formula that has worked good for the teams who’s rookie QB has played well. We have wasted atleast a year or 2 of these prime years due to the fact that Allen is so raw. He won’t be ready to lead this team to a super bowl until his rookie contract is up and if he does become great his contract will then end up taking up the money needed to build such a stacked roster. Not saying we can’t end up building a young team through the draft but we lost the opportunity to follow the trend of a lot of successful teams.
  7. How doesn’t it make sense? The plan was for Allen to sit behind Peterman and watch and learn. It didn’t work out. Now they can let Allen sit and learn. I agree 100% Allen has to be the future or we need to start over. But nothing has showed in the games he has played that he is ready to be out there. You don’t know his mental makeup what if all the consistent bad play begins to effect him. I think if Barkley can continue to play the way he did. It does nothing but help Allen develop. I also believe him playing would also help if handled properly, but I still think Allen has a lot to learn before he belongs on an NFL field. Game experience and reps are great for a player who only has minimal issues. Allen has a lot of ***** to fix and a lot of it is in his mental side of the game which watching tape and watching others is gonna be able to fix. Because you never know he could end up ruining his confidence or become scared from “getting reps.” Where as sitting watching and learning will not ruin him And like I said him learning from someone who is winning is a lot better then learning from people who aren’t and never have. It will allow him to put more faith into what he is actually learning and seeing instead of possibly doubting it. I mean helping Allen to watch field and understanding coverages and things like that any veteran is good. But if Barkley can continue to win Allen will listen to Barkley more then he would Anderson because he is proving his view point of the game is producing results. Where as Anderson’s were not. When it comes down to Allen hearing how to dissect a defense, which route one QB looks to depending on a coverage, how long each read should get time, and which read is best in what scenario. Allen would take a winning Barkley’s advice over a poor performing Anderson. It’s human nature to question someone telling you how to do something who is doing it worse then yourself
  8. Rebel101

    Bills Sign WR Deonte Thompson to a 1-Year Deal

    I think they are looking at as if Allen can just launch it and put some air under it a fast receiver can get under it I agree. I would have sat him already. He is playing with no passion no effort. Sit his ass and show him that if he doesn’t want to try we don’t want or need him. Help him put things into perceptive and get his ***** together. I am honestly surprised McDermott has allowed him to play while blatantly giving a poor effort each week.
  9. Not at all Josh Allen is the future of course. But if McBeane isn’t tanking then I think Barkley should get another start. It wouldn’t hurt Allen to sit and watch a QB go in command the huddle and win games. Which was what McBeane originally wanted anyway. Allen has a lot to learn mentality and physically in this game. If Barkley can go in and continue to play the way he has it would help Allen learn more and actually give him substance to believe in. Like ok this dude is doing this like this and it’s actually working Agreed I don’t think Barkley is our future. But I do believe if he can produce wins. It would help Allen’s development. Because right now he is learning from people who have performed poorly so somewhere in the back of his head he has to think well clearly what you are telling me isn’t working for you. It’s human nature. So I think to watch a Vet QB win games would greatly help Allen. Then maybe 3 or 4 games left put Allen out there. Unless Barkley is on a tear which I highly doubt. But the plan was for Allen to sit all season. Or for atleast the majority of the season, so if you have a chance to win games and go back to your original plan why not do so?
  10. Lol yeah you are allowed to be concerned when it comes to football only though. But seriously what do you think. I mean I know the first year of a rookie QB is filled with ups and downs. But growth is the main thing you would like to see if growth. So what if he shows none? I mean obviously they aren’t drafting another QB yet. But do you think they worry and do you think us as fans should worry? Or no matter what we shouldn’t worry till end of next year
  11. I believe you go with the hot hand and start Barkley. I think he earned himself one more start. I understand Allen is the future but they originally wanted him to sit anyway. But what if he does start and looks the same or worse then he did before injury? He was making some better throws in the Texans game. He didn’t play great but he looked alittle better so what if after sitting and learning from Anderson and all that he doesn’t look any different then what he did before the injury? Do we start to worry? I mean the main reason Josh Allen was even considered such a high pick was because of Carson Wentz and their numbers are no where near the same
  12. My cousin is in the minors for the Angels and he has been sent to 4 different locations so far. He says they still take care of you and it is primarily all about baseball.
  13. Wow that’d be interesting. I don’t think that happens but it’s possible. The giants main issue is there OLine. If Eli has time he can still win games. He has never been a QB who can play at an effective level without good protection. I do think Kyle Luletta will actually become a decent QB in this league if developed properly. But I just don’t see the Giants releasing Manning unless he is used an escape goat. Do you have any idea how much of a cap hit they’d take? And how much he is set to make?
  14. Eli has a no trade clause and has already said he will not remove it. So unless that changes he isn’t going anywhere
  15. Rebel101

    Matt Barkley (asking for a friend)

    Lol don’t get mad I was just saying they were passed by multiple teams and both on their way to living ordinary lives. Nor do I think Barkley is a starter. But Barkley has always been able to put up numbers it’s his INTs that was an issue. You never know people take longer to adjust anything is possible that was the point.