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  1. Rebel101

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    Aaron Maybin was a ****ty pick in 09 we got Eric Wood that draft as well though
  2. Only time will tell...AJ is overlooked a lot because he sat behind Dalton but he was never given a chance to be the starter it was hands down Daltons job. I believe AJM is gonna surprise a lot of people
  3. No way he beats out Mccarron imo...I like Peterman and not a huge Allen fan but of course as a Bills fan he will have my full support. But I believe Mccarron will lockthe starting job down unless McDermott says !@#$ it and goes with Allen...i do not believe Peterman will out perform Mccarron though
  4. Rebel101

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    Lol so you are saying by posting on the thread out of boredom is to say one doesn't have a life 🤔🤔🤔
  5. Rebel101

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    I'm an italian american and 31 so don't use your opinions for the rest of the world...1 it is only a hat not that big of a deal.. 2 your line of thinking for an entire culture or age bracket is short minded I like Bills Nation
  6. Rebel101

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    Yeah maybe so but Billieve is nerdy as !@#$
  7. Rebel101

    Anybody else mad about our draft hats?

    Lol I'm not filled with anger I just thought we could have had a better hat then what we got.
  8. Teams all have nicknames on their hats some refer to their fans such as the seahawks. I would much rather ours said Bills Mafia then Billieve
  9. Rebel101

    Am I the only one who has confidence in our WR's?

    I think Benjamin and Zay are very capable. I believe with an offense who's goal is to actually throw the ball with a accurate QB. Unlike Tyrod who was terrible in my opinion and got worse every year. He made some great plays with his legs but they are plays he wouldn't have had to make if he was a good passer. If he could take a 3 step drop read the field and deliver the ball where it needed to be a lot of those big runs on 3rd down wouldn't have been needed. So i have faith in our WRs as well
  10. To be fair Mccarron was never even given the chance to unseat him. The Bengals looked at Dalton as their starter and said they would have been disrespecting him by giving Mccarron 1st team reps n such...Grappolo was never given an opportunity to start either doesn't mean he isnt a capable NFL QB.
  11. I have as well I've actually wrote a similar post about 2 weeks ago about how he is going to give the job up easily He has made some great plays and has never had an offense built around him he has all the tools needed he is a competitor and he knows the NFL Last year he had offers and he was only going somewhere that he had a chance to start he didnt want to be a backup because I read an article a month or so ago that the patriots tried to sign him as well
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/billswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/16/nfl-network-steve-wych-buffalo-bills-aj-mccarron/amp/
  13. Rebel101

    Zay Jones - 2018

    One thing Zay Jones knows how to do is catch a football so he definetly hasn't forgot how to do that he just has to get out of his own head and he will be fine
  14. Rebel101

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    Josh Allen has issues that playing isnt going to fix it will only keep those issues in his muscle memory he needs coaching and his muscle memory changed