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  1. N what could it take to draft him and should we be willing to go for it?
  2. I agree but relax bro Josh was on point until the playoffs on all passes. He will continue to grow n settle. That kid has surpassed anyone’s best case scenario faster then possible. But I do agree ***** 12 personnnel. We need to be able to run the football in 11 10 n 0 n that will help perfect our passing game
  3. I think that is the play he actually got hurt on. It was a shoulder issue. But you can see when he goes to make that tackle his shoulder kinda dies. I’m not high on Edmunds but I do remember thinkin he looks like he just threw something out 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Yeah I know bruh. But if I called it the skins one of these #######s woulda told me it is now the the wtt 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. I think you’re pretty close. I think over 5,000 pass yards but I think he isn’t going to have as many rushing yards but will have the same amount of rush TDs if not more as last year. I think this team comes out on fire and never looks back. Diggs n Sanders are both dogs Beasley is a perfect compliment with star back and the heart of our D intact we hit closer to 2019 form and this team goes off.
  6. I think we bring in Carlos Dunlap. And prolly draft another. I believe Beane and McDermott think with star back Hughes Addison and Epenesa get it done when it matters most.
  7. Yeah I didn’t know the #’s that’s crazy. First thing I thought when we released his was wonder if we tried to restructure. Maybe they are just looking for alittle more of then dog that sanders has. And I’m sure seeing that the offense was just as good without him made them feel they needed something different. But I am shocked they wouldn’t restructure and keep him for that amount. Damn. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. No I get it. It’s cheap. N it would all fall apart but if you’re already planning on Allen to get hurt you can’t plan when. And if he gets hurt in the playoffs Trubisky ain’t saving us. Just think the money could have been put into another piece. But I understand the move.
  9. Fr tho I’d rather have resigned McKenzie.
  10. Maybe we signed Trubisky to trade to the Eagles 😂. I get he was only 2.5 mil so why the ***** not for insurance purposes. But money could have been spent elsewhere then again wtf do I know 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. He prolly just comin to see some old *****
  12. What is the deal with Kenny Stills? I’m pretty sure we only took over his contract that ended this year but I also read an article that said Beane has been on Stills for awhile and if Brown is cut or does walk is Stills an option? I think he could be a nice addition. I would have liked if we used him in the playoffs with Brown. But if we can’t keep brown is Stills an option?
  13. What has happened to Kenny Stills? I know we only took his old contract over but it ended at the end of the season I believe. But I also read that Beane has been trying to get at stills for awhile now. Does he get resigned or do we let him go?
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