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  1. An old WR who’s best days are behind him. Who’s contract is no where near worth his value which is only going to drop. And his type of contract is exactly what got us into this predicament. And Allen does need a supporting cast but he also needs to vastly improve
  2. Rebel101

    1st half thread: Bills at Colts 1 pm on CBS

    Our coach hasn’t had this team fired up to call almost every game this year. You can see it. But the players also know that the management had no intentions to win this year. So why would they play their hardest? That’s like if you were working for a company that you knew at the end of the year it was getting shut down. The entire year everyone would be basically going through the motions so to speak. That’s the Buffalo Bills. McDermott gets one more year with better talent then the entire coaching staff needs to go. Starting with Daboll. If Allen doesn’t work out then Beane should get one more chance and then he should go to
  3. Rebel101

    1st half thread: Bills at Colts 1 pm on CBS

    DA isn’t even the reason we are losing right now. He actually looks decent. Clay ***** us and Daboll only can do things if he runs the ball twice. I swear he has OCD. He has to run first everytime.
  4. Yeah but why take on a bad contract when that’s exactly why they are in the position they are in now? They would only do that if we were going somewhere. I believe he still has 2 years left on his deal. But it’s a lot of money where as they can get cheaper, younger, longer contracted players through the draft. I don’t seem them making this trade.
  5. Rebel101

    How many yards will Anderson have Sunday

    If he throws for over 200 yards I’d be happy. It’d be double the help this defense has be given all year. They actually might even be able to come out onto the field fresh. They have to be the most well conditioned defense in the NFL lol. But seriously I hope 260 1 TD 1 INT and shady runs 1 in as well. I agree 100%. Anderson isn’t there because his career stats are good. He isn’t physically gifted enough. But on the mental side of the game he has years of experience and from everything I’ve read it seems like he likes to teach football. So he is there to help Allen learn NFL defenses and how to exploit them. Ever heard the saying if those who can do, those who can’t teach. Cam Newton was not very good at reading an NFL field either. Anderson taught him and look what he did his rookie year.
  6. I agree. Take a QB until one shows you that you don’t need to. But you also have to let a QB develop. Especially when you draft such a raw prospect. I understand the offense is bad but a lot of that has to do with Allen not knowing what he is doing
  7. Do you know how old he is? And I just don’t see McBeane trading for anyone this year. We aren’t competitive. I think we hold onto our picks and hopefully use them wisely
  8. Rebel101

    Rex continues to be delusional

    Can we go get Marrone and Schwartz back lol
  9. What do we do and will McDermott be out of Buffalo? Do you think Beane will be gone as well? I know a rookie QB is suppose to be given 3 years. I am ok with given Allen 3 years. But what if he doesn’t make significant strides this offseason and next year? What if he is still struggling with reading defenses he pre and post snap? What if he still can’t recognize a blitz or know how to beat it? The only pass I think Allen should get 3 years on is his footwork, accuracy, pocket awareness, and pocket movement. So what do the Bills do? Assuming we substantially have a better offense and he is still struggling. If I’m not mistaken 2020 QB is suppose to have some really talented prospects if they all come out early. I know it’s early but I’m bored and waiting for the game to start sooo
  10. Rebel101

    Rex continues to be delusional

    Rex Ryan has self esteem issues and needs people to like him. He was a awful coach. It is bad when your own players said he was strict enough on them. He took a top 5 defense and ruined it, and set our franchise back years by not going after a QB and thinking Taylor was a franchise QB. I really wish we still had Marrone and Schwartz. Say what you want about Marrone but he was guaranteed a paycheck(which was stupid) and bumped heads with the FO. I think this team would be very good right now with those 2 still as our coaches.
  11. Rebel101

    Going Through WORST Possible Scenario With Allen

    Everyone knew there was no way Allen survived this season without injury behind that offensive line. Your comment makes me believe you are very narrow minded. He also needs to get substantially better first and foremost. We could give him the chiefs offense and he wouldn’t succeed right now. It would help him develop but only Josh Allen can fix all the issues that he needs to fix
  12. You are helping to prove my point lol
  13. I know it is a toss up. It could go either way
  14. He hasn’t been a complete failure? He has led the team to the worst offense seen throughout the league in years. 2018 teams are averaging 30 points a game. Josh Allen I believe has thrown 2 TDs. He is young and hopefully will get a lot better in years to come but so far he has been a failure and has proven he shouldn’t have even been named a starting NFL QB so early. Prove me otherwise
  15. Lol that’s why you are a Bills fan. You are content with playing like ***** every year