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Post your feelings about the upcoming launch of the Josh Allen Era in a GIF

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33 minutes ago, thunderingsquid said:


The greatest Canadian football player since Doug Flutie, Peter North. 

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20 hours ago, CamboBill said:


Sorry Snowflake,


Getting thrown to the wolves is a common description and a very apt one given how the front office is mismanaging Josh Allen's intro into the league.


Had I posted a real wolf attack you would have a valid point as it would be as gory as hell.


As anyone who looks at the video can see .... it is totally staged. A handler releases them at the beginning of the video and they are clearly after food he is handling.  There is not a drop of blood in the whole  video and and the animals jump off quite quickly.   Not sure the original source but i think it comes from one of those stupid things people do shows.


And yes it does reflect my fears about what Allen is going to have to go through this season.  Thrown to the wolves.


Previously I posted a GIF of Forrest Gump running and captioned it "Run Josh Run  --- for your life which also captures my fears of what he has to look forward to this season.


Humor is a personal matter.  I could care less if you disliked the wolf gif.  I Just think it is way OTT for someone to be demanding deletions and imposing what they like or dislike on everyone else.


Peace Out


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