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Refs miss obvious illegal formation penalty on Foles TD catch

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On 2/13/2018 at 6:05 AM, oldmanfan said:

It is a judgment call.  The ref on the field had a better view and judged it as OK.  The WR checked with him on it.  Let it go.

It's really just as simple as this.  If you look from overhead, it's an illegal formation.  But the WR signals to the ref that he is on the line, if the ref agrees, he is good.  If the ref didn't think he was on the line, the WR simply takes a step forward and all is good.   This really is a non issue as it's a judgement call by the ref.


The thing that blows my mind is that a WR is given a couple steps lining up, but KB's toe appears to be a milometer of the ground against the **PAtsie's and the call is reversed. 

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