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  1. “Humor’ & “sarcasm” for those with a little patience to understand it, I’ll let you off this time UtahJohn, 😁👍
  2. Vegas is in the business of taking peoples money, that’s what they have been doing since their inception, its a con and it works really well, just like the insurance industry…, can’t trust those bastages, 😁👍
  3. I was being sarcastic, but a valid response none the less 👍
  4. What are you doin being nice to him? 😂
  5. We all know what Josh needs to do, here’s to that happening. No mercy! GO Bills!!!
  6. Under used weapons…, hmmm, Isiah Hodgins comes to mind…, no wait, I just couldn’t help myself, 😂
  7. So your friends and love ones are…, nah, I just can’t do it…, 😂 GO BILLS!!!
  8. And there ya go, simple, concise and to the point, 👍 thanks,
  9. Well for starters, Josh won’t take the easy throws with any regularity, unlike his counterparts that do so repeatedly, throughout games, so that’s on Josh, ( those are the throws that turn into YAC) think about this, what would happen if Josh did take the east stuff with some minor frequency? Yup, the mid range to longer throws would become easier and even more devastating, the film show guys open frequently for short/check down passes, Josh knowingly doesn’t throw to them, Josh wants the long throws, as fans there is not much that we can do about this, so we just have to learn to win Joshes way, which is so far doing pretty damn well, 12-3, AFCE champs 3 yrs running, on target for the #1 seed in the AFC, we are just gonna have to live with this I guess, 😁👍🍺 note; some sarcasm intended. GO BILLS!!!
  10. I would agree with everything, even Tua, except Tua is right now as good as he will ever be, and that is not good enough, all three of out division counterparts lack a QB who can compete league wide, I for one hope the never get their on field leader.
  11. A win is of course Ideal. When i think “must win” its a mindset, not a catastrophe 😁
  12. I think all they have to do is remove his spleen…, the funeral for Tua’s career as a starter is next year…,
  13. Right back at you! Happy New Year to all Bills fans everywhere!
  14. This will deteriorate into the bash Edmunds groupies VS the ones who more clearly understand his role in the defense, Popcorn 🍿 time,
  15. Just did a round trip drive from Vero beach Fla to Rochester NY and back, Bills fans in every state and several in Buckies rest stops 😁👍 we’re here we’re there, we’re every Fing where! GO BILLS!!!
  16. Tua is fragile, look at his injury history. Right now the Dolphins FO and HC are doing the RG3 on him, the kid needs better representation working for him.
  17. DS, JC, AJE, GR, TE, MM, TW, KE, SD, GD, the entire O & D Lines, I’m psyched, resistance is futile…, GO BILLS!!!
  18. The one from that commercial a couple years ago, “ loving you…” you all know it, 😂
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