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  1. Problem is the timing of signing them (You think maybe the Broncos would've signed someone off the streets to play QB if they could have). I believe it takes 5 days to get someone on your roster, so unless you're kicker gets sick Monday or Tues, you'd be SOL. As for the thought of stashing a K on PS, the idea has merit, but don't know if it's that important. 1st, I imagine it's much easier to keep your kicker isolated so they're not at risk for being Covid listed due to exposure. 2ndly, you've got 60 plus elite athletes available as a replacement. Unlike say a QB, there's m
  2. I don't think this has been mentioned yet, but I'd like to point out - After we got the 5 yd penalty on the KO, Bass hit the cross bar & put it through the uprights. From 80 yds out!!!
  3. re: #8, I can only assume the refs got the number wrong. A DB blitzing (White?) hit the QB low, which I believe constitutes roughing the passer. Though technically not a wrong call IMO, it was dubious as the QB was running away as he went low.
  4. It certainly seems reasonable that lack of crowd noise contributes to the lack of false starts, illegal shifts etc. Potentially, it could even contribute to less holding calls (D-line doesn't get a jump on O-line as easily so they're not at a disadvantageous position causing a need/desire to hold). Can't think of a reason for DPI to be up, other than less effective pass rush, which is pushing it, or maybe just more passes in general.
  5. I think there's only 3 CBS games next week (all 4:05) & I've gotta think it's likely that they'll broadcast the Bills. Then there's the bye & then there's like 3 prime time games, so you should be pretty good for viewing.
  6. A perfectly thrown pass, you really can't defend. A pass that's off target by a few feet, can be easily defended unless the receiver is significantly physically/athletically superior to the defender(s). If you're not "confident" (there's other words that could be used here - desperate/foolish/etc) that you can place the ball perfectly, you don't throw it. If you've got other options, that's probably the prudent choice.
  7. I saw that they're bringing back the show runner who did the 1st 4(?) seasons. As for your hidden comment, that is what I was hoping for (& alluded to above).
  8. So as to not provide any spoilers, I assume one character will be missing which was about 1/2 the reason to watch the show.
  9. I think our stable of RBs is fine. Our run blocking needs to improve. That said, it pales in comparison to some other problems. Our defense hasn't been good for 5 games. This game, we made too many costly errors. I believe we only punted twice (both excellent kicks, the 1st was flawed coverage which was another error) which normally should lead to winning.
  10. The FG tonite, he didn't even make any attempt to get the laces in the right place. I know longsnappers are excellent at this level, but I can't imagine they're expected to maintain the exact number of (fractional) rotations for each snap.
  11. If he doesn't run, it should dramatically cut down on his fumbling, which is obviously a good thing. On average, is an extra ~50 yds worth a turnover? tough call, but prolly not.
  12. I don't recall any real inaccurate passes. A few of the short pass "drops", he certainly could've made easier on his receivers though (less velocity, better placement).
  13. Ahh, Albany. Channel 6 is the CBS affiliate.
  14. I was just flipping channels & unfortunately only caught the end of the message, but I thought I saw on CBS6 that they ARE telecasting the Bills Raiders at 4:25 Sunday !
  15. It's not as simple as those simple, stupid cheat-sheets that coaches initially went of off would indicate. You have to consider the probability of each outcome & the corresponding utility of each. Granted, the closer you come to the end of the game, the more clear cut the equations are. Frankly, I'm kinda disappointed that more teams don't make going for 2 a more regular part of their repertoire. If you've got a good offense against a weaker defense, one would think your expected outcome would be better going for 2 (ie you'd make it more than 50%, so your expected # of points is &g
  16. I also saw we ran a few plays w/ Singletary & Moss both out there, so we probably ran more 2 RB sets than last yr. Of course, not really having a FB...
  17. Of the 2 games that I've seen this yr, I was pleasantly surprised by the "crispness" of them. In that regard, I don't think PS was missed at all. Based on the Bills, I wonder some real game action might (have) been beneficial WRT physical preparedness, ie injury avoidance. I think the main thing that is lost w/ no PS is an inability to evaluate new players, primarily rookies. I think eliminating PS entirely would (eventually) detract from the overall product/performance. That said, I'd think 2 games, perhaps 1/2 a game for a "dress rehearsal" for "starters" & the other ~6 qtrs
  18. There weren't that many that opted out (maybe 50?) & I think probably a fair %age the primary reason was NOT their Covid risk. Some probably did it for a "business" decision (maybe Star?). Admittedly, some of those might regret it if in fact the cap drops next year as much as some are estimating. Didn't Gaines opt out due to "personal reasons". Then you've got that Canadian MD who opted out for more altruistic reasons. As for their exposure/risk, it might well be a team by team thing. I think it's premature to regret a decision like that especially if 1/2 way through the season a cou
  19. Well, we don't know what the condition was? Perhaps "playing 100 snaps for Buffalo in 2020" was the condition. Cutting him now, then bringing him back doesn't preclude that occurring. Also, perhaps the possibility of that shrewdness didn't occur to them. Or maybe we might do it, but didn't care as they couldn't get anything anywhere else & "giving" him to us might foster a good relationship for future dealings. I hear we're on pretty good terms w/ Carolina swapping players, coaches & all.
  20. Geez, the unlimited call backs from IR could be something. If you've got the cap room, I could see a lot of players stashed in this fashion. Other than the "kosher" issue (ie doing the player right), if you've got the cap space, why cut anyone?
  21. Seems largely like SOP. We've got an incumbent that should be improved upon. He has one unproven challenger. Best to know what other options are out there if neither of those seem to be working out.
  22. Some vendors are required to collect Sales Tax for NYS. Our tax rate on most things is 8% (depending on County), lower on clothes, etc & nothing on some things, like food. I've bought some things online from vendors that have charged a full 8% even when less or nothing should be collected. (I'm constantly peeved that I get charged tax on my "free" bag of dog food from a local brick & mortar vendor - I believe the rebate actually comes from the manufacturer. Buy 12, get 1 free.) I suspect the 1st case is just bad bookkeeping/software & the $ probably gets fwded to N
  23. Does gaining almost 20 lbs count? I'm retired, but still my life has been altered & I am working off a list of things. Don't know if I would've accomplished them w/o quarantine or not, but I probably wouldn't have had the list.
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