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  1. Perecca's bread is the best and the crust is second to none. Sounds great with pulled pork. Enjoy and GO BILLS!
  2. ESPN's version of "Dumb and Dumber". Gushing over Jameis Winston.....meh.
  3. There is only so much you can do with 5 minutes and I thought NBC did a pretty good job. We all know why we are Bills fans and our passion for this team runs deeper than any tv show can do justice. GO BILLS!
  4. That is a great story. I brought my 16 year old and his buddy to the game and they had a great time. They were able to see the ketchup and mustard pre-game show and enjoyed the festivities. Great food and fun before the game which always reinforces the fact that the majority of Bills fans are the best in the NFL! After the game was a different story. Group of drunks from Canada/England/Sweden that parked across from us were a sloppy mess and made for a less than stellar post-game celebration. Many were loaded falling all over the place (one nearly fell into our grill as well as their own charcoal grill) and it ultimately led to several picking up one of their group and dropping him on a table. Total $&^# show. We had dinner in the lot while the traffic cleared and left not too long after.
  5. Solid D. Lacks creativity and is not capable of making adjustments at the professional level. He is going to get Allen killed and should go back to coaching college ball.
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