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  1. A scrub? Little harsh don't you think? Guy does what he's asked to do on the scout team playing opposing QB's and because he's not a starter he's a scrub?
  2. Absolutely! I probably should have included that. We were the laughing stock around the league and I do remember many in Bills Country railing for McD and Beane to be canned. There are obviously many other lows, but that really stuck out for me.
  3. I was going to say the same thing about the fish. Spending like a drunkin' sailor on liberty after a long cruise (I can say that because I was one).
  4. Yep, I did as well. Lowest of the low for me was when Vontae Davis quit on us. We truly have come so far! GO BILLS!
  5. He promoted Anthony Weaver to be DC. Posters from our area know this name well as he grew up in Saratoga Springs. Played at Notre Dame and in the NFL as a d-lineman and was an assistant with the Bills for a short time. He was the Texans D-line coach the last three years.
  6. Perecca's bread is the best and the crust is second to none. Sounds great with pulled pork. Enjoy and GO BILLS!
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