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  1. That is a great story. I brought my 16 year old and his buddy to the game and they had a great time. They were able to see the ketchup and mustard pre-game show and enjoyed the festivities. Great food and fun before the game which always reinforces the fact that the majority of Bills fans are the best in the NFL! After the game was a different story. Group of drunks from Canada/England/Sweden that parked across from us were a sloppy mess and made for a less than stellar post-game celebration. Many were loaded falling all over the place (one nearly fell into our grill as well as their own charcoal grill) and it ultimately led to several picking up one of their group and dropping him on a table. Total $&^# show. We had dinner in the lot while the traffic cleared and left not too long after.
  2. Solid D. Lacks creativity and is not capable of making adjustments at the professional level. He is going to get Allen killed and should go back to coaching college ball.
  3. Ha, ha! Classic. I....think....I...have...a.....plan....
  4. He probably flew over from Boston that morning. Maybe 2.5 to 3 hours. When you have a net worth of 6.6 billion, you can afford such luxuries. Saw a Sikorski land when we were tailgating at Metlife before the Bills/Giants game and I assume it may have been Pegula or Mara.
  5. Interior o-line played well overall and our line was effective in the run game. But it seemed that both Allen and Barkley were under pressure all day, especially from the edges. Five sacks and multiple penalties (4 holding/3 false starts). Pats* have a tough defense, but I have not been happy all season with our o-tackles, especially in pass protection.
  6. Absolutely. And the offsetting penalty on the same play was the "salt in the wound". Offensive hold = flagrant helmet to helmet personal foul = replay third down.
  7. Before you question Josh Allen, why don't you start with our o-line? They have been far from stellar in all four games this season.
  8. He had an amazing throw to John Brown with 8:44 left in the 4th quarter. He dekes a defensive player and hits Brown in stride for the first down. Just awesome! This guy is a baller! Hopefully the o-line will continue to jell as they play together more. He was on the run quite a bit against the giants and if he had more time, could have done so much more against a very, very weak secondary.
  9. Heard the hit in the 200 level followed by the groans of Giants fans all around me when the receiver got up holding his ribs. Great hit and play by Hyde!
  10. I watched Singletary walk off the field yesterday. No limp at all and he was all smiles with the Bills fans that had congregated at the corner of Metlife Stadium.
  11. Not impressed by our defense last week? Held Bell to under 70 yds and one TD. Offense was uninspiring for three quarters, but got the job done late and got the "W" in enemy territory for their home opener. Giants are without their two top wideouts and Latimer is questionable with a calf injury. No doubt Giants are better than they played at Dallas, but will be hamstrung without many of their weapons at wideout. We need to stop Barkley and Engram, but I see our defense getting it done. Giants defense is a mess and their secondary looked completely lost last week. I don't see us losing this game and would be shocked it we did. I'm going and hope to see us win big. GO BILLS!
  12. I think he'll get released at some point this season. He's a force divider and quite frankly they don't need him or the drama and baggage that he brings. He will inevitably get into it with Brady, coaches, other teammates, etc. and that will spell the end of his time in *NE.
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