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2023 Buffalo Bills Yearbook

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4 minutes ago, BillsPride12 said:

Thanks for the heads up...football season is in the air 


TC is right around the corner and preseason is about a month away. 

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1 hour ago, JP51 said:

I just want one year to watch one of these were our last game isnt a loss... 


Technically, this last occurred in 2018


I know that's not what you meant, but couldn't resist...


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3 minutes ago, Captain Hindsight said:

Some great ones during the drought years then


We could get a higher draft pick and possibly be in position for a franchise QB, or we could win this game!

You guys are brutal LOL... pile on the new guy for not spelling it out LOL 😅

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That must mean it's almost football season.

Just 8 Sundays from now, there will be a slight chill in the air, the leaves will just be starting to turn colors ever so slightly, and I will wake up, pour a hot cup of coffee, set my fantasy lineups, and settle onto the sofa for 9 uninterrupted hours of NFL football.

There is nothing better than NFL Kickoff Sunday.


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