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Week 2 game announced

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Just now, Freddie's Dead said:

If this is exclusive to Prime, then the NFL can suck it.

You can get a free trial of Amazon Prime for zero United States dollars. Put it on your TV and everything. 

I mean...the NFL can still suck it anyway, but ya know...no need to miss the game, considering its cost of "free".

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Posted (edited)

At night, so I like it.  The heat doesn't bother these guys, it's the sun beating down plus the heat.  


Could be a night time low of high 70's, low 80's.. completely fine. 



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2 minutes ago, Buffalo03 said:

Lol. It will be local TV for the 2 teams markets. This is widely known for a long time


I'm in Rochester, wiseguy.  We got blacked out in the 90s, but in the 21st century we're no longer considered local.

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Posted (edited)
2 minutes ago, Process said:

Bills vs Titans is now my guess for Week 1


I feel like I'm the only one who hates "easy" games for Week 1.


With how random Week 1 can be, and with us (on paper) only having a few "lay up" games.. I'd rather not have one of them, at home, on Week 1.


If we do.. better make it count.



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