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Broncos/Chiefs Weather Forecast


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4 minutes ago, Process said:

Doesn't explain 0 TDs vs one of the worst defenses in the league 


It doesn't? 


That's funny, having Diggs and "no real #2 WR" seems to make an enormous impact in Buffalo.  


Must be the thinner air in Denver.  



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Just now, motorj said:

Didn't watch, but this one is interesting since the broncos do have the worst defense in the league at 32nd. Pats are decent and in the middle pack when they beat the bills

I watched the game. Denver was definitely hyped for this. Losing 16 in a row has to be bad for their psyche. I banked on that fact and took Den +7. Comfortable win. 

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19 minutes ago, Dan said:

I think it’s time to talk about Mahommes…. He just can’t read defenses.   And doesn’t look engaged anymore. 

Reckless with the ball to.  Three TO's.


18 minutes ago, Coach Tuesday said:

No receiving options besides Kelce 

Bingo and Kelce may be slowing down, emphasis on "may". 

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22 minutes ago, uninja said:

I know this is satire but as a Bills fan you gotta know division games are ***** weird sometimes. 

Also as a Bills fan I’ma stay quiet cuz we lost 9-6 to the Urban Meyer led Jags a few years back. 

Why stay "quiet" when it's obvious what this thread is doing?  This is sarcasm aimed at all the posts that appeared after Allen's bad game against the Jets and after their loss to the Pats.  Judas Priest if we have to listen to the negative nellies after the Bills & Allen struggle can't we joke about Mahomes & the Chiefs when they crap the bed? 



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7 minutes ago, DapperCam said:

I know this is a joke thread, but their offense has been out of sync all year. At least compared to how it usually looks.


Well, let's keep in mind that their offense is missing last season's #1 WR and what they now have as a #1 (which one is it even?) makes Davis look like Moss.  


This wasn't a well-kept secret entering the season.  LOL  


Their top WR was on pace for a 740/7 season, and I wouldn't bet a dime that any of their WRs will cross the 800 yard mark.  



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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