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We need one more superstar


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3 hours ago, QB Bills said:

Genuinely curious about this comment. You think Edmunds shielded Milano and not the other way around?!?

Not shielded, I think those two played off each other very very well with different strengths and weaknesses and were a critical mix that isn’t there now. The middle of the defense got a lot smaller or less rangier. 

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2 hours ago, Paup 1995MVP said:

Kupp has a hamstring issue, after missing the second half of last year w a bad ankle injury that required surgery.  He will miss some time this year.  And will likely gradually decline because he is 30 and playing on some rough turf in LA.  He will be good but not dominant anymore.

Time to buy cheap then and get him healthy, he will be the GOAT.

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Need an OLine to protect Josh when it matters. Reid made that the sole issue last offseason and they won a SB by preventing a single sack against a unit that recorded 70 in the year…

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I think we were one McD/Frasier 13 seconds blunder away from winning it all two years ago with basically the same squad.


You're forgetting Milano/Poyer/Hyde who are all elite players at their positions, and maybe Tre too.  These guys are All Pro level when 100%

WR's don't win championships, it's QB's and to a lesser extent coaching/gameplanning.

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22 hours ago, 0017 said:

KINGcaid! For sure! I just came up with that name by the way 😊


Not bad. I was hoping that they could just go with a follow up of. Josh and his helping Cade from the never give up  wristbands. From super Cade to  (mafia - family)  KinCade.... and as Knox had to learn to never give up on s play when Josh is the qb...



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Last year most Bills fans and media at large were fawning over our team.  We're better this year and now we need some "superstar" to emerge?  Nah, I'm not buying it. 


We need the guys we brought in to do their jobs and we'll be very good.  And we brought in some guys, that if they do well, we'll be one massive problem for the opponent. 

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10 hours ago, Logic said:

I happen to think that Greg Rousseau is going to be a star, and a perennial top 10 edge rusher, regularly posting double digit sacks.

He was on his way to a breakout season last year before the high ankle sprain.

Still just 23 years old. This will only be his fifth year of playing defensive end EVER! One year in high school, one year in college, two in the pros. He's been learning the position and filling out his frame. 

It's Greg Rousseau breakout season.

I hope your right. He went from 4 to 8 sacks in only 13 games. I think he projects to around 12 sacks this year. Leonard Floyd will bring pressure back towards Groot's side.  And when Von comes back healthy we'll have a 3 headed monster. 

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I get the hesitancy but Josh Allen without an elbow injury. It's going to be different.   The additions of Harty, Sherfield, Kincaid, McGovern and Torrence will be significant.  I haven't liked our RB situation this much in quite some time.   


Our secondary is as solid as its been in years.  Mostly due to health and depth.  Additions of Ford and Floyd are something to really like.


Our schedule appears extremely tough.  There's an unknown at MLB.  I'm not sold on Dorsey.  McDermott has been out coached in games.  


This roster is ready to go and obviously when Von returns we'll be much better.   I think taping our logo on those tackling dummies on Hard Knocks was a big mistake.  McDermott will use that and I think we come at the Jets with physicality most won't expect.  I don't think we blow them out but do believe we win with the victory never in question. 

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NEWS FLASH!  Former Bills WR Duke Williams has been placed on a 6 game IR list by the Hamilton Tiger Cats.  However, Williams apparently issued a cryptic statement implying that he was done with the Tabbies.  Now all Beane needs to do is rent a limo, and go sign deals with Chad Kelly and Williams, and he'll be back in time for dinner tomorrow.




EDIT:  Sky Diver says "WHAT ABOUT ROBERT FOSTER?!?"  😡🤬

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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