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Bills Host TE Kendall Blanton for Visit (Was on SB Winning Rams & Chiefs)


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15 minutes ago, Mark Vader said:

I'll never forget Lee Smith when he was mic'd up with the Falcons when they played the Bills a couple years ago. Hilarious!

I always loved how color commentators would refer to him as "blocking tight end Lee Smith," and then he'd go ahead and catch a TD pass. As slow as he was, he actually ran routes a few times per game, and if the defense didn't notice him, he'd make a play. He was a better athlete than people gave him credit for. I saw him in an interview once where he bragged that he could play anywhere on the O-line, in a pinch. But, his real use was in the jumbo packages. That was where the much-maligned Bobby Hart was actually useful. I think it's a wrinkle that this current roster lacks.

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15 hours ago, juno999 said:

My guess is he signs to the PS to start.  Learn the playbook and get up to speed.  After that, we shall see.


Yea he would be a PS addition. Even Wilson the young kid on the PS at TE is not really a blocker. Having someone who can fulfil that role somewhere makes sense. 

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14 hours ago, JayBaller10 said:

I said earlier the Bills could use at least one TE who’s a blocking specialist versus just using an extra lineman.




Yes I remember thinking that after Paul Seymour retired in 1977.


Those were the days.


What time is it? It's really dark outside.


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My guess would be this guy starts on practice squad and occasionally gets elevated to be a blocking TE based on gameplan.  Or if he gets signed to active roster I guess Quinton might go to PS?

56 minutes ago, drummernut74 said:

Von is going to be pissed ... he wants to be the first player to win a SB with 3 different teams!

If 2 guys. do it together that could be fun trivia down the road :)

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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