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Does any part of you miss the losing?


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The interesting part of this for me is the teams that don’t play will get better pics that’s the way the draft goes but our GM is so good that he is finding starters with later pics Binford and Elam looked very good last night I was listening to the tube the other day and somebody had mentioned that the Buffalo Bills have got more of their draft picks on the roster than any other team

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1 hour ago, Einstein said:

Before you immediately jump to answer "NO", realize that this question does not mean that you don't like winning.


I enjoy the Bills recent success and I root for a championship trophy. I have a man crush on Josh Allen that my colleagues find odd. That being said, part of me misses the drama of Flutie v Johnson, Bledsoe v Losman, the Fitzpatrick upward trajectory followed by the downward trajectory, top 10 pick draft talk, checking the playoff tiebreakers to find a 1 in 1,000 chance of making the tournament, etc. I wonder if the large swings in outcomes of the past created a dopamine response in my brain.


Does anyone else feel this way? Or perhaps I am in a party of one?




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7 minutes ago, FrenchConnection said:

You see it a lot on TBD. Fans come up with all the ways that the Bills will lose each week. It’s always how is some aspect of the Bills defense going to stop the strengths of the other team’s offense. Its like as if our strengths cease to exist. 

I know we have a good team.  I'm not just so high on them that it doesn't matter who we play (at least talking about it openly).  That being said, I'm a total homer in the game day thread and will talk my smack there but not gonna do it to people that see I have a bills shirt on and say something to me about them in passing.

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27 minutes ago, arcane said:

"Miss" captures the wrong sentiment, but I think I understand what OP is saying. 


I don't miss losing and I don't want to lose, I am grateful every single second for what we get to witness now. But there were definitely feelings in the drought that cannot be replicated now, not all of them completely terrible. And I am not taking anything for granted, but I can feel how easy it could be to slip into that mindset- not even enjoying a September win, since I expect it and since the real season starts in January. The reality is that both of these first two games, and 12 others in the josh allen Era, would be top 3 games of my bills fanhood for the first 14 years of its existence. I do my best to remember this. But I understand that simple joys I could experience in 2017, for example, have completely ceased to exist. 


Well said.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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