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Miami week, haiku or else

Pine Barrens Mafia

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3 hours ago, Irv said:

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Chop Block Howard's Knee


Nursery rhyme gore.

Readers’ jaws drop to the floor.

“Carnage they adore?!”


Irv gets Buffalo.

The urban decay, the snow…

Fuels all we know:


Murderous delight.

We CRAVE a good football fight.

A show of our might.


Pro football we love.

More fitting than O.J.’s glove.

We’re all hawk. No dove.


Fly south to the sea.

The heat, the humidity.

Sunday killing spree.


Fate, grant us one wish:

Whether mammals, whether fish,

Their corpses go “SQUISH.”


A seventh haiku?!

Irv, it’s what I give to you:

A poetry slew.


Haiku number eight?!

Buckle under my word weight.

The Dolphins I hate.


“Haiku number nine?!”

Oh Irv…more cheese with your whine?

I see no “STOP” sign.


On to number ten?!

Poetry violence zen.

Quit now? Just say when.


Head to eleven??

I’m up in haiku heaven!

EL FIN…eleven.

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