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  1. Those are standard prices in most cities. The Bay Area has been up there for years
  2. I’ve been with Maiden since the early 80’s. Would love to see their show in Buffalo this year.
  3. Since my wife is a Cowboys fan, I see way too many Cowboys games every year and Beasley was always a guy that stood out for them when I watched. Glad we got him- I think this guy is our difference maker on O this year
  4. Went to the tournament on Saturday. Met Josh, Flutie and Reich but missed Kyle Williams, sadly. Josh was a real nice guy to meet- he signed my hat and we chatted for a bit. I asked him if he has 30 TDS in his arm this year and he chuckled and said he’s got more than that.
  5. These idiots can speculate and conjecture all they want, but the only way the Bills move is if the Pegulas decide to move them. Nobody can make them move. The Pegulas are not going to move them.
  6. The article lost complete credibility when they included the Dolphins.
  7. Those wrestlers consider themselves to be athletes (you can debate that point until the end of time) and are just as crazy in real life, behind the scenes as any moody goalie, pitcher or wide receiver.
  8. 250 million and now worth billions. it is crazy how much franchises have shot up. I think Jerry Jones paid just north of 100 million for the Cowboys and they are now worth 5 billion. Vince probably would have been a decent owner. He knows how to run a large entertainment organization and manage egos. He would have been great at marketing the team.
  9. Beasley- can’t wait to see this guy light it up this year.
  10. I remember her well from the olden days here- sad news.
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