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  1. Yipes- how many guys were like this? Hughes too. Guys playing injured. I love the dedication but this is not good for them and the team in the long run.
  2. I'll just pick the one team from each division with a bright future and the one that is in trouble AFC East Bills - this year was just the beginning of a good run. I foresee nothing but improvement and the possibility of an AFC East crown next year Pats- this was the beginning of the end Watch out for the Dolphins in coming years AFC North Ravens- will be good for years Steelers - about to go into QB purgatory, maybe already there AFC South Texans - I think the Bills should have beaten them, but they should be solid for a few years. Watson is good and only in his 3rd year Colts- they were a flash in the pan last year Watch out for Titans here- may have something if Tannehill pans out AFC West Chiefs- these guys should be good for many years with Mahommes The rest of this division is messy. All are spinning their wheels with no one to challenge the Chiefs.
  3. I'm driving down from Austin too. Will leave around 5 am as I want to maximize pre-game time.
  4. Arrive in Houston about 9am. Meet up with soem buddies already there and then look to start the pre-game. Probably go to the official Bills tailgate. Celebrate the win and watch the Pats lose somewhere after.
  5. I chose Allen. The reason being that even though Watson is more polished and the better QB (not glaringly so), Josh Allen is a better leader. There is a big difference. That quality elevates the players around him.
  6. Our defense is 3rd and theirs is 28th. That’s huge.
  7. If they are sold, they are not leaving Denver since it is a storied franchise in a great market. Not that there are many markets left to move a team to. There are enough wealthy people in Denver to step up.
  8. If Andy Dalton wasn't too much money and was happy to be back up an mentor Josh, I'd take him.
  9. In terms of the underdog teams, I'd say Titans in the AFC and Eagles in the NFC, though I think the Bills look pretty formidable, unlike the team in 2017 that didn't scare anyone
  10. I’ll be there- just deciding whether to go down Friday night or Saturday morning
  11. I thought the 5th seed is usually Saturday morning. It’s the 6th seed relegated to the Sunday slot. Remember our game against Jacksonville two years ago that nobody wanted to see? Houston is a major market and the Bills are an intriguing team and draw ratings so I don’t think they’ll put it on Sunday morning. I’ll be going so hope it is Saturday.
  12. I went to this game- I was back on break from college. I got drunk at a tailgate and was seen in the background on NBC drunkenly jumping around during a solemn part of the pre-game show when they were discussing the Gulf War. I tried to run right up to the reporter but fortunately, was grabbed by security just in time before I could disrupt the whole thing. After the game, I was certain we were going to win the super bowl- it was only one week later that year. This, the Houston comeback and the recent Thanksgiving game in Dallas are my top three games that I’ve attended.
  13. If that is the case lmi hope they cool it on the QB runs and also work Duke into the offense- what is there to lose?
  14. It would be great if we could get a clue as to which seeds will play what day for travel purposes. I’m driving ftom Austin to Houston- no problem there, but I have several friends planning to fly in and they need to book that. It seems like the 5th seed is usually the Saturday game. That would be ideal
  15. The '80 Bills would and should have won the whole thing. I remember in the my elementary school in Orchard Park we made up and sang a tribute song to the Bills during the playoff run that was to the tune of the twelves days of Christmas. Somehow, it made it on to Buffalo radio. Totally corny, but at the time it was awesome to a small fan like me. I remember being at the Hooks hail mary game. It was a cold and windy day with maybe 35 thousand fans there and this was back when the stadium was over 80k. If I'm not mistaken, that incompletion in the Cinci game actually was a completion, but was thrown after the play clock expired. There was controversy too, as Knox had called timeout that was ignored.The drive would have gone on. Those Knox teams were great- he lived around the corner from where I grew up in OP. He had a reputation for being a tough SOB, but, if you met him- nicest guy ever. Everyone focuses on the 90's glory days, but the Bills won championships in the 60's, should have won in the 80's. Could have won had they beat Tennessee in 2000.
  16. Houston has two airports. George Bush is the big one, but Hobby has large Southwest operations and you may find cheaper flights. It's also closer to downtown and the stadium. An alternative is Austin, which may be cheaper and the drive is about 2 1/2
  17. This feels like he 86-89 era where you knew greatness was ahead. I said this in another thread on here yesterday. We are on the cusp. As for tomorrow- if we can't beat them as we are surging and they are hitting a low point, then when can we? Barring a breakdown, injuries or blocked punts for TDs or other defensive TDs by them, I expect a win.
  18. I’m planning to go if it’s in Houston since I can drive from Austin. I might consider scalping or box office. When I went to the Dallas Thanksgiving game I paid 300 alone in “convenience” fees. Totally criminal charges that piss you off to no end.
  19. I'm old enough to have been around in the 86-89 time frame when the Bills Super Bowl team was coming together and this feels the same. There were growing pains during that time, just like now, but you could tell greatness was ahead. I'd say that this is a more cohesive unit than that group- if you recall the Bickering Bills saga of '89
  20. I like to think that when he arrived up top, he had a talk with the Big Guy who agreed it was the Bills time.
  21. They are going to get at least one Thursday, Sunday and Monday. I'd bet they will schedule one of those in Buffalo, likely the Thursday early in the year.
  22. Not yet. But, if you do Google searches though it looks like all signs are pointing to McDermott getting it.
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