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  1. Question- I use an online service, but doesn't give the ability to bet on projected wins. Can someone send me a PM with a reputable service they use that allows for it?
  2. I thought it was 6 wins? Anyway- easy money. This is where the Bills getting no respect is actually something to take advantage of. Short of a crazy spat of injuries, this is a lock.
  3. Ha! I'm with you. Normally I would act like Kurt Russell in The Thing and pull out a flame thrower. That time I didn't, but most insect related interactions are dealt with harshly and with flame.
  4. When my mom passed away, I was clearing out the house in OP and I went in one of the bathrooms and turned on the ceiling fan and one of those- just like that in the picture- flew out and nearly landed on my head. I got a paper towel to smush it and it reared up like it was going to leap and attack me. I’m not scared of spiders but that freaked me out. When I got it crunched like I was picking up a potato chip. I had no idea there are spiders like that in WNY.
  5. Bet on the Bills getting more than 6 wins. I think the floor is 7 wins and ceiling is 10. 9-7 is likely.
  6. Displacing the Indian burial ground to build Rich Stadium pretty much cursed Buffalo forever. Up until that time, Buffalo was a successful AFL team and the city was a thriving metropolis with big industry and respect. After digging up the bones, the teams lose in odd ways, a big blizzard hit, the jobs dried up and the town became a national punchline. I think the solution is to build a stadium downtown and raze New Era and return it to sacred indian ground. It wouldn't hurt if we somehow worked Flutie into some big ceremony where he hands over the deed to the land. Everything will be healed and we will win like mad from there on.
  7. I'd bet it is the Giants GM that called us about OBJ. He is mad we passed and and so he is singling out our deficient receiving corps.
  8. Beasley is very solid. My wife is a Cowboys fan, so I have seen way more Cowboys games than I would like and this guy is a gamer.
  9. Problem is that if he’s running that much, the exposure to injury is greater. I’m a huge fan of those big runs, but it’s always a relief when it ends with no serious contact.
  10. I was watching some film in Noah Fant out of Iowa- with Clay gone I think we should get that guy. Looks like he is on radar with lots of teams.
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