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  1. I think the Bills got rid of him because he wasn't a cultural fit and I doubt that has changed. The Bills are probably only going to entertain getting guys like Beasly and Brown that fit some profile/formula only Beane and McDermott know and are 100% on board with team first.
  2. The largest one- should have 149k members. The profile picture shows a a bunch of fans at a tailgate.
  3. Good point- if your resort has good WiFi (most do these days) you won't need to use your data.
  4. I belong to the Bills Mafia group on Facebook. Somebody streams the games every week on that. As long as you become a member of the group and can access Facebook in Mexico you should be good to go. Check to see if your data is an unlimited plan, though. I've watched three games this year on my iphone.
  5. Nothing is off the table at this point, but just focus on the game ahead.
  6. I was there Thursday and it was very civil. We were in section 244. Lots of Bills fans all over the stadium. I heard several let’s go Buffalo chants throughout the game, but Bills fans kept it cool. I saw no problems. Cowboys fans are not extremely rowdy. They need to be told when to make noise by the PA system. Until that point, they normally sit and it’s fairly quiet. Its kind of weird. It’s a vastly different experience than in Buffalo. Once we took over it was a feel good fest for us. I’ve never high fived and said go Bills that much in my life. Later at the hotel, I chatted with many Cowboys fans. They were all friendly and had good things to say about the Bills and Josh Allen in particular. All in all, probably one of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to aside from Bills Houston comeback game.
  7. Baltimore L Pittsburgh W Pats W Jets W
  8. Going with the wife and two kids. We are driving up from Austin Wednesday. We will be staying at the Sheraton close by the stadium for two nights. Probably won't make the Dallas Bills Backers tailgate. We are in section 244.
  9. Not a lot of great games this weekend. Bills-Browns is one of the more intriguing games even with the Browns not winning much.
  10. This is not. The Eagles are beat up and mediocre, so not even a real "test" like people are touting. Also, if we are to lose it is best to lose to NFC teams. The Browns and Baltimore and any AFC is a far bigger game.
  11. As soon as he threw it the first thing in my head was that was going to cost hi ma big fine that he would gladly pay.
  12. The Bills are going win by at least 24 and I’m comfortable putting my money on it.
  13. WTF- Bills beat Tennessee in TN and are behind them in this ranking? This is just silly
  14. Yipes- he came into the Northstar in San Francisco one night and we chatted and had a few beers. Seemed super mellow and nice and low key. Cue the Dateline music....
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