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  1. It's so odd to think that in any normal year, the HOF game would be this Thursday. I'm holding out hope we have a season but I'm not seeing how it will work right now. I know a few people that have had it bu now. Only one was very sick, the other felt like it was a bad flu and the majority felt nothing at all and didn't even know they had it. Such a weird illness.
  2. I'm not too optimistic on the season proceeding whether it never starts or starts and stops- I just can't see it working. And I am an optimist by nature.
  3. Delaware North would seem like a good candidate. Or back to Rich Stadium? Who else would want to spend any money to put their name on it? Duff's?
  4. Me and my buddies go every year and rent a boat and pull up on the beach. You can get access to the players and celebs- you are right there. Last year, I met Josh Allen, Flutie, Reich, Al Micheals. Saw Josh Allen and his lady out a few nights and they started to recognize us as the Bills fans in town. Both real nice people. We are taking this year off because of the COVID.
  5. Diggs and Brown will be a great 1-2 punch. Then you add Beasley. I think someone is open all day on this squad.
  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the concerns he is voicing. I agree 100%
  7. 24 is generous if judging amenities, number of bathrooms and concourse size and suites etc. New Era excels at game day experience outside and even though it is old, it still have great sight lines and perfect for football viewing. My bet is those help weight it higher.
  8. I went to the Thanksgiving game this year and the problem with those scoreboard like the big one at AT&T is that you end up just staring up at that and ignoring the on-field action. If you are going to do that, why be there? Stay home and watch it and save yourself paying $12 for a Coors light.
  9. I don't know how much active drilling they do. They paid cash for both teams, have no stadium debt and are appear to be in largely liquid position with cash. Unless they have grossly mismanaged investments, I can't see them taking a huge hit.
  10. This is kind of a silly question. I think all fans will be watching plus even more viewers than normal. I heard that the networks would consider using crowd noise and digitally inserting fans into the broadcast so the viewers at home would not really be able to tell the stadium is empty. The players will be freaked out at first, I'm sure. Even if the stadium is at 25% capacity, they'll hear everything.
  11. This guy gets paid for writing. That’s hilarious and somewhat of a swindle.
  12. That is a great little collectors item. Kemp was a good man and a good politician and was respected all around Washington. Washington sorely needs people like him these days.
  13. Josh Allen had a similar problem and apologized and everyone moved in. It’s just stupid talk by a young guy. I don’t think it’ll cause him to get dropped. McDermott and Beane will have a talk with him and he’ll get his mulligan.
  14. I met OJ when I was maybe 3 or 4. One of the Bills coaches had a daughter that was my baby sitter so they arranged for a meeting. He put me on his shoulders and was the cool awesome guy everyone thought he was in the early 70s. That’s how I got this:
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