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  1. 42-6 Bills win instead of 42-3 if Rosen played. This is one where I am anticipating a nice relaxing and stress free game no matter what the Dolphins attempt.
  2. Pass. I’d rather beef up the reviver corps or get more depth on d-line
  3. I don't think people realize that the Bills market is far larger than just Buffalo. Yes- Buffalo is a small market but if you bring in Rochester, there is another million people. That puts it on par population wise with Nashville and KC and Pittsburgh. If you factor in Canadian fans it is actually far larger. Then you are talking about a fan base of over three million. That's like Denver. When I travel and watch Bills games and meet fans, lots of them are from Rochester or Ontario south of Buffalo- and that's why they sell out in when there is a 6 win year or show up like in Tennessee. Other cities must be shocked when the fans show up like that. The tailgating antics are starting to get a little old and tiresome. Sooner or later someone is going to get paralyzed or hurt. I'm thinking that as the team gets better, the silliness tones down a bit.
  4. I agree- if he makes some of those FGs, we have a different game plan and we still would have won. Bottom line, luck is where opportunity meets preparation. Stumble bums don't luck into winning games in the NFL.
  5. Honestly- it had to have been sheer laziness not to do enough research to look at last years team and then see the changes with this team and recognize it was going to be much better. And they still got 6 wins last year. But why complain- it was a gift. Just wish I’d piled on more cash. But I just bought a house and it didn’t seem prudent.
  6. I got it at 6.5 and made the bet the moment they set the total. Easiest money ever. This is where the lack of respect and ignorance on a national level ended up being awesome. Thank you Vegas for your wild underestimation of the Bills.
  7. I feel like if someone goes to a place like UCLA or Miami, they get a taste of the big town and that’s the type of NFL city they want to play for. Small markets are boring to them.
  8. When I met him in Tahoe, I chatted with his girlfriend while he was finishing a round of golf and she said he loves living in Buffalo. Probably the complete opposite of Willis Mcgahee. He is from rural CA and played in Wyoming so he is regular type guy
  9. I was pissed last year when all the Alabama homers thought that the Crimson Tide could hold their own or even beat the Bills- even when we had the number 2 defense and we were not even the worst team. Somehow we got picked by these #######s. Then they turned out to not even be the best college team. Anyway, we would have beaten them like 75-0 or worse. It would be frightening for them and laughable for us to watch. Tua would be sacked every play or running for his life. He would face serious injury. The Dolphins of this year would smack the Alabama off that neutral field or wherever the game was played all way back to Tuscaloosa. I wish just one one of these games would occur, just to shut up these idiots.
  10. I think it is something like $2 a month to get the articles. I know alot of people hate the Buffalo News, but that is a pittance to get the bills stuff.
  11. We just moved to Austin recently so I plan to take the family. My wife is from Dallas and the kids lean toward the Bills as their favorite team but like the Cowboys too. We’ll drive up as it’s not far and probably stay at a hotel around the stadium that night. I’ll be getting 4 seats- we may have a connection on good ones. I’ve got friends flying in for it too from CA where we just moved from. I’ve seen the stadium from the outside- it looks like a spaceship landed in the middle of nowhere. I hear it holds over 100k so excited to see inside. This game looks very winnable as of now. I’m looking forward to this big time.
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