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  1. I agree with people on Epenesa- I think he will take a huge step up and be a bigger part of the pass rush.
  2. I agree with the pundits- I think this is the year. I think we have a 14 win season. The offense won't be as productive on passing, but the run game will be improved and it will still be a scoring machine. The difference is that the defense returns to top form so that we have a top 5 unit on both sides. The Bills will play either Tampa or the Rams for the Super Bowl and win. Favorite or underdog, it doesn't matter- they will be laser focused all year and will be all business til the job gets done.
  3. I think that with the addition of the extra game, we will see similar stats to last year. I don't expect a drop off. Everyone knew that Allen was going to throw to Diggs pretty consistently last year and nobody was able to stop it. It'll be the same this year.
  4. I'll likely go since New Orleans is no too far from Austin.
  5. Steelers fans show up in droves no matter what- like army ants. Even if the team is not good- they are there. Bills fans are a bit like that too.
  6. I think the more interesting exercise is to now grade the draft from 3 years ago. Josh Allen, Edmunds. A+ draft.
  7. Wings- in fact, I need to do some research shortly to find a place that is good that delivers wings in Austin.
  8. For those asking where to bet, you can use Bovada and bet online no matter where you are located. They will have these latest line on there now. Remember that the draft will influence the initial over/unders too.
  9. 2 years ago when they had us at 6 I loved the underestimation and disrespect since it was the easiest money I ever made. I wish I'd had a million to lay down that year. Even last year was a good bet. 17 games this year- I still think we cover the over. Also take the Pats under. Again, a great case of the Pats getting too much respect for deeds of the past. They are not that team anymore. Easy cake. I like your handle there IronMaidenBills. Huge Maiden fan
  10. I'll admit that I'm a little nervous to see if this year was an aberration and whether there is a regression. My gut says that there won't be a huge drop off, if any. He showed sustained improvement across the board and the lack of fan noise helped (but helped all QBs last year) and that is not a major reason. The addition of Diggs was a major reason for the improvement. All good QBs have a "go to" high performing receiver. But, Josh learned to trust his playmakers this year which, again, is a skill and he improved there. I'd be more worried about Diggs going down than having fans in stands. Y
  11. I’ll bet the owners of the Argos also see the CFL in Toronto as a barrier to eventually getting the NFL team they really would like to have. If the league ever expanded again I’d think Toronto would be a prime candidate with maybe London, Mexico City and a few US cities in the running.
  12. Willis McGahee never liked being in Buffalo and bad mouthed the town constantly. I saw Billy Joe Hobert's name above a few times and agree there. A few people mentioned Kelly and he was a cocky bastard back in the day. I met him when I was younger and on that day he was a great guy. I think if you caught him with a hang over, he'd snarl.
  13. I'd just keep it at Washington Football Team. That guy trademarked all the names and claims he doesn't want money, but he wants all the money.
  14. His goodbye tweet is getting lots of love from the Mafia and fans. I remember the the tweet he put out when he found that huge spider in his closet in Buffalo a few years back. That just popped in my head for some reason.
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