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Besides JA, predict which player will make the biggest impact - Dolphins at Bills


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I've been thing about our run game and I'm wondering if Singletary is ready to take on a bigger role? Will he hold onto the ball?  Will he run with power as well as his trademark shiftiness and quickness? Every down?

I've been rewatching Bills games and Singletary to me, looks like the better back; easily.


They both block very well.

They both fumble but perhaps Singletary moreso?

Singletary has had some impressive runs lately....


Either way, imho, the Bills will want to DT, then C/G in the next draft. But if the talent isn't there at those positions and should a RB fall to them, it could be running back next year....

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31 minutes ago, billybrew1 said:

The whole defense is going to kick ass (again).


And T - Sween is not a decoy. They go to him for two TDs.

Came here to say the same thing. I think Josh (and Dabol) go to him often in the game. It just seems like something that they would do with Knox out. 


Also, I think we finally see presnap motion by McKenzie this game because of all the man defense the fins play. Similar to last year, I think we will see alot of fakes to him, and at least one big play out of that formation.

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1 hour ago, chris heff said:

Zach Ertz


too soon?

Zach Ertz IS STILL an interesting topic. Are the cards making the right choices going for broke? If they win it all, the answer is yes.

As Bills fans, of course, we're watching.... There's only one ball I guess....I wonder what we could do in the redzone with Zach and a healthy Knox though?

And recently, we lost our seventh round guard to philly, you really can't hide young talent on the PS. Next season we have nine picks. I have no idea how many openings we will have next season. I won't be happy if we draft more guys that can't make the team though....We do have nine picks for next season....


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well Im gonna go with motor he is gonna go OFF in miami ...the man this year has spark and he will break a long one sooner rather than later. IMO its this week


either he or mckenzie .....special teams are Due AGAIN this time no flags!

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On offense Sweeny steps up.


On defense I've been jinxing Star (although he's been solid). How about Oliver gets his name and number called making some noise in the backfield?


Groot will draw more attention, or at least he should.







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2 hours ago, Buffalo ill said:

I have a feeling the Bills will win but won't look as good as we expect them to.  It will be followed by much emo on these forums.

We’ve own them!! That’s why I too think they come out playing better. I’m not saying there going to win, but you no this coaching staff has to be filling it. I think they have there troops ready 

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