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don't sleep on...Reggie Gilliam?

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Just now, Hapless Bills Fan said:


Float trip with my sis-in-law and she was kinda testy.  She went to hang one end of a clothesline on a tree

I told her "don't put it on that tree!"

She gave me a look "don't tell me what to do!"

I said "OK, Go ahead and use the tree covered with poison ivy, then!"

Well…. Um….  Touché.  I’ll be a better listener. 😂

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25 minutes ago, NewEra said:

I’m sleeping on him. Looking at our roster, I hope that he gets cut.  

i hope that I’m wrong 


I also am sleeping on him unfortunately. If he does make the cut it will be due to ST play more than anything else 

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I think we will see Gilliam in as versatile extra blocker for both Josh and the RBs. From a set, he might get into a few passing plays.

I think the real issue with the Bills and anything that resembles a power run game, is that Daboll does not want to take the ball out of Josh's hands. QB17 is our best chance to win until proven otherwise. I think it makes sense. I'd do the same, and I doubt it changes much this year. I think balance is something they'd like, and they might get the RBs more involved: but it will come in the flow of the game, and will last only as long as it generates positive yards.

I hope Reggie has a good year. It is good to have a versatile FB/TE, and in certain games (ala first pats game last year) a run-heavy game plan can win ya a grinder.

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10 hours ago, Apocalypse Nuts said:

I’m not sleeping on him for sure.  I sleep on the couch mostly these days.  

Is it comfy ?
 I try to not sleep on any ting un comf

Go Reggie !

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On 7/16/2021 at 3:30 PM, Logic said:

Gilliam is what I call a "glue player".

You've got your star players, your great players, your very good players....the names you know. The guys you see on highlights. The guys whose jerseys you see being worn by fans in the stands.

But working alongside all of those guys, setting them up for glory, often working in anonymity...are the glue guys. They may not be fancy or exciting, they may not have trading cards or make the Sportscenter top 10 Plays, but they're important. Oftentimes, without their contributions, the splash plays wouldn't happen. ONE solid special teams play where a guy stays in his lane and prevents a kick return score and the team wins by 4 points. ONE solidly fundamental block on a blitzing defender and the QB is kept upright long enough to throw a 40 yard bomb for six. 

Glue guys. They matter. Reggie "Glue" Gilliam. Can't live without 'em. 


Thank you for that assessment. So many posters here are so GD cynical it is sad. They can't have any hope for a player to develop because it's not a name they have heard of. Good Lord.

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