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Wk 12 SNF: Bears at Green Bay 8:20 Eastern

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3 minutes ago, SageAgainstTheMachine said:


What I always wonder is if there's some sort of secret memo sent out about which QBs to protect and which to not, or if it's mostly just the refs' implicit bias like the same way that good hitters get smaller strike zones.



Fitzmagic must have been on that list---he used to lead the league in RTP calls for.

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Whoa, the receiver spiked the ball in the sort of general direction of an opponent, by Bills rules that should be a penalty.

The bears should have played a WR at QB

Packers up 31 points and a full quarter to go....when has this team done anything close to this in the last 3+ seasons under McDermott?


Maybe he needs to have this team start watching how other teams play a complete game from start to finish and put a team away instead of letting them hang around deep into the 4th quarter week after week.

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