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Happy Thanksgiving!🦃

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3 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  So thankful the NFL added a third Thanksgiving game because the first two matchups suck.  Ravens and Steelers should be great.

um.. hate to crap on your T-giving meal.. but the game has been moved to Sunday Night. Ravens reeling from Covid-19.


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17 minutes ago, nucci said:

as Jerry Seinfeld once said...why would I be a leg man.....I have legs


Have you seen Jerry's legs?  Definitely not something to be bragging about.



To keep it relevant on this board: Let's play some football!

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Happy Thanksgiving, all!


If we're on this webpage today in this crazy year of 2020, I suspect we do not have to look to far to identify things to be grateful for. And near the top in delight, but I'm sure not importance, is a football team that we love and that is relevant in the NFL again. Enjoy that thought today.



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