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Who is your favorite Place Kicker in Bills history?

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Only 2 place-kickers in Bills history have a .0 % for Field Goals made.  Both attempted just 1 FG and missed. Can you name them??


Shayne Graham hit 75% of his FG attempts and lasted just 1 season.  Who had the 2nd highest FG completion % in Bills history??


My favorite is Dan Carpenter who played with the team from 2013-2016.  His FG % was 86.5 ( team record) and also made 14 of 21 kicks outside 50 yards. 

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I feel we need a sub forum.   My favorite kicker was Christie.

Steve Christie, now let's fire up the favorite long snapper thread! 

Right now it’s bass.   I’d change my answer to whichever kicker kicks you in the face.

John Leypolt. My first game at Rich with Dad. Bills won a snoozer against the Jets, 9-7. 

Then again, I was freezing at Rich (something like 30-below wind chill) and watched Christie hit two, including the game winner, in another 13-10 “thriller” over the Jets. That must have been like kicking an ice cube.

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Gerald Booth Lusteg (December 18, 1938 – July 12, 2012) was a placekicker in the American Football League and the National Football League who played for the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Lusteg played football professionally for four seasons. He retired in 1969.


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