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  1. Can’t lie . . . “Chicken” made me chuckle.
  2. Oh, I also only saw the one post. I guess that explains your lash out at my post. But for the record, I think Brandt’s thing is getting old and annoying. The kids dig the “hot takes” these days, so here’s one. Kyle Brandt is basically Nick Wright with a better cap.
  3. I tend to agree with the the sentiment, but doubting the fandom of those who enjoy Brandt’s schtick isn’t a good look. There’s plenty of room on the bandwagon—best to save some space for all.
  4. Like someone said, that jumbo play was fun to watch. It felt unstoppable, especially in this clip. All this is to say that I need a post in memory of Mom. She used to babysit Don Criqui.
  5. Aaaah to be young again. None of those kids lived through Game 6. Good for them.
  6. Fun story about #2. I just started working in a small town in western Minnesota that in September 1992 and met a super-cool woman who got my sense of humor and humored me about about the Bills and Sabres. She wasn’t a sports fan—an artist—but she got my thing. By 1993, we were dating pretty pretty seriously, and I visited her family for Thanksgiving. We were in the Mall of America in Minneapolis X-Mas shopping and got ourselves these full-length insulated Australian duster coats—it’s waaay colder out in the by Fargo than where her parents lived in southeastern Minnesota. Just as we walked out of the store, some dude offered us tickets to the Minnesota North Stars game that just started across the road. I talked her into it. We went—and she was in! So, of course, I bought tickets for the Jets game for our day after the pressure-filled Christmas she had to spend with my family in Buffalo. And the insulated Australian dusters (and accessories) kept us happily comfortable. After 26 years of marriage, we’ll watch together Saturday night. POSTSCRIPT: They interviewed Steve Christie after the game about his field goal, and he said that it was “like kicking a brick. I knew Corey couldn’t do it from 42 before they snapped the ball.”
  7. I noticed this earlier this year. CBS still seems to be carrying the majority of AFC games, and Fox the majority of NFC games, but every so often CBS carries an NFC game vice versa. I think I noticed when the WFT at Buffalo game was on CBS and should have been on Fox (as WFT was the road team). I’m sorry if this has been asked already, but when/why the shift in coverage?
  8. The 18-week season pushed the schedule into mid-January, and the Bills played half their home schedule in December-January. I’m guessing that didn’t help with the weather.
  9. I did not know that. A kicker? Wow! Different times. i think Mosely was the last successful “straight-on” kicker (not “soccer style).
  10. How has Gary Marangi not been mentioned yet?
  11. To each their own, I guess. I pretty much lurk, also, and enjoy the Spags banter. It’s better, though, when he hangs around the thread longer and replies to a few posts.
  12. As others have implied, it’s best not to speak of such things.
  13. Naaaaaah, Gene. As someone who was born a few days before the Bills' final AFL championship in 1965 and who works with the younger generation, I can admit that the "Bills Mafia" thing gave me hackles at first. But take a closer look at what it does rather than its name. We've lived through the 0 for the seventies with the Dolphins, the optimism of the Chuck Knox era, the Kay Stephenson/Hank Bullough years, the four Super Bowls, the Pats, the drought, etc. We have nothing to apologize for. At the same time, let these "kids" have their fun and enjoy the ride, whether or not we think "mafia" is ideal.
  14. Yep. But it’s not social media, per se. It’s the problem with giving something for free while still wanting to creat billionaire tech entrepreneurs. The only option is to depend on advertising revenue. Then, we become the product and the advertisers are the customer. The result is that “journalists” have to create clickbait to be in business. I don’t have a subscription, but the $1/month user fee for The Athletic is working toward a solution—a small user-fee reduces the reliance on advertising and makes people at least a bit more of a customer.
  15. Kinda. They don’t wanna have a 12-year-old little league kid get taunted by the bigger kid emulating his NFL hero.
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