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  1. The only win the Jets want is the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes and Adam Gase gives them their best shot at it.
  2. The more I think about it the answer seems obvious on Hail Mary downs we should have the receiver we would use for our own Hail Mary to be on the field because it's just a contested catch and I like having an offensive minded player out there looking to catch the ball or knock it down. This would be an easy adjustment because they are already practicing it on the offense.
  3. It should be our best leaping receiver, the Pats would put Gronk on defense for hail Mary's.
  4. It's a shame because I thought he would be our starting TE by the end of this season. Knox has stone hands and makes bonehead plays too often. Sweeney is much better receiver but not sure of his blocking yet.
  5. I like Roberts but his melt down game takes him off the list.
  6. The coaching is close as they are both defensive guys and need help on the offense. Fitz turned the team around but Flores learned from him. I don't believe for a minute that it was his decision to start Tua. They want to see if he's the real deal before the draft.
  7. It's like hockey, they have a game in hand and with their easier schedule figure it to be a one game lead. I think the bigger point is stop focusing on the Patriots and pay attention to Miami because for the foreseeable future I think it's a Buffalo/Miami division.
  8. There is a lot correct in that article and the word is the Dolphins want to see if Tua is the guy now because they have Houston's 1st pick and are in he Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. They can always put Fitz back in. They have a much better defense than Buffalo and a better OL that's getting better as they play more together. They have so many new players that I expect them to improve better than the Bills that had a stable staring roster. They have much better kickers too.
  9. I think Feliciano is better at making the line blocking calls than Bates. That what Josh relies on.
  10. The worst trade ever still has to be trading LaManica and Glenn Bass for Tom Flores and Art Powell. It ended the championship years and why we got OJ.
  11. We need another RT free agent, rookies take too long and the OL is critical to success.
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