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1 hour ago, BADOLBILZ said:


Yeah Smith could not catch a football to save his life.    Nate Odomes was a good cover corner and had very good ball skills but Smith was an elite cover man.     There was one season where teams just wouldn't throw at him.     It was Deion-like treatment.     But once the book got out teams would throw at him some because they didn't fear the interception................but they still had little success.   Nate Clements had both higher end coverage and ball skills than Odomes.    Clements couldn't cover like Smith but they haven't had a guy who could cover like Thomas Smith in his prime since maybe Robert James.   Not Gilmore or Winfield or anyone.   And as you and I both know they spent a lot of high draft picks on DB's back when they weren't as important. 

I never put Gilmore in a class with Smith or Clements. Not ever. In fact, I would take Winfield way over Gilmore if for no other reason.....effort.  I think that White is already a superior corner to Gilmore. 

Btw I credit you with predicting how good White would be well in advance of the season. I don't (and never did) think that it was smart to trade down and pass on Watson; but, I must admit that White is a special player. Good call!

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