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  1. Tyrod's friend

    Allen looked very good today

    Agreed - Bruce was the real all time great. Josh is literally the worst QB in the NFL when the other team puts anything like pressure on him. Not sure how that translates into "the game doesn't seem too big". Why would people say that? Because he scrambles around and often makes horrific decisions, either with the ball or with his body? That run towards the end of his stay, where he decided to challenge the linebacker and was simultaneously hit by a 340 pound lineman, just for an example. His leap over Anthony Barr is a screaming example of what is wrong with that man. It is BAD football, and he continually is writing checks his body cannot deliver on a consistent basis either through the air or on the ground.
  2. Tyrod's friend

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    This is exactly what I would have hoped he would have said. It's exactly what any Christian would have hoped to have him say. I don't know for a second what you are suggesting he said or would have wanted him to say. In fact you have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of the guy and knowing his past in college - did you expect something different? He owned his mistake, said it was a bad read, and when asked how he keeps his head up he acknowledged that whether he wins or loses he is more than football, he is a man of God. Good for you, Nate. Overmatched in the NFL? Sure. But to those that wanted to listen and learn instead of stand in idiotic judgement he gave a great lesson right there. I'm a huge fan of Peterman as a human being. But not having CK on the roster to begin with is inexcusable. Actually starting Peterman - who was over his head as a 5th round rookie last year, and hadn't really stepped up in pre-season - that's just a slap in the face to not only this fan base but the entire fan base of the NFL.
  3. Tyrod's friend

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    Good for you to get to some practices; too bad you weren't in the lockerroom any more than I was, nor listening to the position coaches. 84 72 82 64 92 70 Look at what he did against the Bengals the only time he faced the first string defense - it was a repeat of what any person has seen watching him over the last two years. Having a few good throws when the game wasn't on the line or the top players weren't on the field means jack. Tossing some balls around in shorts - really? That's what helps you make your decisions? On what basis do you think that Josh Allen is even the slightest bit better than Nathan Peterman, other than presumably a strong arm - even now? He's just a different sort of horrible. He has "led" the worst offense in the history of the team and in the game against Houston managed to digress to WORSE than what he was in college. LMAO. Sure. I'm an imbecile. And you are deluded by some sort of magic bean optimism. WTFU.
  4. Tyrod's friend

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    No argument. Even though I believed NP should have started the regular season, I never believed he could make all the throws - only that timing and anticipation can make up for speed. Not to bring up a sore point, but Drew Brees has done a pretty good job of proving that idea. But because of he didn't show potential, he didn't lose the competition. Josh Allen needed to win the competition and he clearly didn't, and what you've seen since the Bengals game also has been a repetition of more of the same. No QB evolved and it seemed as if AJM digressed. Perhaps saying NP won is an overstatement - Josh Allen lost the competition. NP never revealed his weakness but Allen sure did. Now, I can't say that I'm surprised. You put the kid in a room without a veteran voice, give him a WR coach as his position coach, and have an OC that is looking for mismatches instead of see/react, and you get what you get. Cheers, sir.
  5. Tyrod's friend

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    That's what you wanted to see - to see talent. You wanted to see potential and Allen showed you potential. Talent contest, no question. Talent doesn't deliver on the field, and on the field, Peterman delivered in the preseason. Maybe you and your friends weren't watching this game, but I was. " Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen, QB. The rookie looked like an inexperienced player in the team's dress rehearsal against the Bengals. Allen was indecisive pulling the trigger and repeatedly missed the mark when he pushed the ball down the field. The No. 7 overall pick, who completed 6 of 12 passes for just 34 yards, took five sacks, and the offense failed to score a single point under his direction. With Allen openly suggesting that the speed of the game was "eye-opening," the Bills might want to take their time before thrusting No. 17 onto the field. Grade: D
  6. If Josh Allen can't get the ball to Zay Jones, who is getting good separation from DBs, what in God's name makes you think he will pass the ball in a timely manner to Amari Cooper? And while Benjamin is hardly Jerry Rice, he's a reasonable, starting WR. Nathan Peterman was able to get it to Jones for a TD. Really, the only quality pass play of the entire year. That's obscene. Let's put it another way: tell me for even a second that our total offensive package isn't at the least as good as what walks onto the field for the Jets. Right now, it ain't about the talent.
  7. Tyrod's friend

    Is Nate Peteman the worst QB in NFL history?

    and all the people that thought Josh Allen was capable of playing in the NFL Day 1, please also reveal themselves. If you thought that Peterman wasn't the best QB in the preseason, you're a flaming idiot. He won the competition hands down, and it wasn't close, and Josh Allen hasn't done one thing to indicate to me YET that he can play in this league. A complete Kirk Cousins meltdown doesn't make Josh Allen a QB.
  8. Tyrod's friend

    Are the Bills covering up for Josh?

  9. Tyrod's friend

    Someone needs to be fired over Mahomes right now.

    The very reason we don't have offensive linemen is BECAUSE we have Josh Allen. The two are aligned. We can't trade away draft picks to move up in the draft to get a QB when 60% of your starting OL rotation won't be with us, and act like the GM isn't responsible for that outcome. Josh Allen is injured today. The offensive line sucks. The two are related and the path leads right up to the GM.
  10. who is he better than, and why - if your QB already has two wide receivers capable of at least average play in the NFL (not to mention Charles Clay, and Shady McCoy) - why do you think that giving him another target will make him better? I can't see the point in mortgaging even more in the way of draft picks. A third round pick is a thing of value, and pissing it away makes zero sense to me.
  11. Tyrod's friend

    Allen not showing progress

    there's all kinds of stupid stats out there ... but what about this one? If your QB can't find a guy that is getting separation, then measuring his time in the pocket pretty much is a fckd idea.
  12. if your QB can't seem to find a WR that has one of the leading separation numbers in the NFL, why expend effort to bring him someone you think is better?
  13. Tyrod's friend

    Allen not showing progress

    no snark intended here ... but does tell you something I don't see? Because what I take from it is that there is no statistical difference in the amount of time most quarterbacks have to throw the ball. Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen have 6 one hundredth's of a difference in time to make a decision. Can you even acknowledge such a small time frame?
  14. Tyrod's friend

    Allen not showing progress

    I don't have a take on the other three. For two years I've felt that DiMarco was the most overpaid, unnecessary use of funds on the team. A sort of obligatory flop to Carolina. Spending millions on a fullback that to my untrained eye makes consistent errors and doesn't impact your running game? That's a sin.
  15. Tyrod's friend

    Allen not showing progress

    How he isn't cut on Monday morning is beyond me. I don't think I have ever seen him in the backfield with Shady, and if he isn't going to be an asset to our best running back and f's up as he does, what's the point?