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  1. Watkins played on two different teams ranked #1 in offense. Sammy was a key contributor to those teams, although not the sole reason. Zay Jones plays on one of the worst offenses in the game. I suppose that is a different way of oversimplifying it.
  2. First, I could care less if McCoy is on the team. He shouldn't be. But you are asking me to extend, to bring to the team, new added problems. I could add that there is no video of Shady, no proof and he is, to this point, being investigated but cleared as of right now. Not quite the same thing Hunt. Second, what in the name of all that is good does Ray Rice have to do with this? Does a player have to descend to Rae Carruth? Are there somehow a degree of culpability in striking a woman? Does it have to be as bad as what some other piece of scum did, to make it beyond what is acceptable to how you want your mother, daughter, sister treated? On top of that, he lied to his team and to management. A team is bigger than a player, any player. At any rate, there isn't a chance in HELL that the Pegula family would bring this POS into town. Thank god.
  3. without going through all the responses, I'm sure others have noted - this is not a singular event in his lifetime. Putting it a different way - I've never raised a hand to a woman in any way, shape or form and I have been physically attacked. No excuse, none, and no place in our locker room.
  4. Didn't both QBs have some sort of college video of them doing tricks with passing the ball? Definitely behind moving Dawkins to guard. My understanding, btw, is that Teller played a pretty fair C in college as well.
  5. I certainly would have graded Teller a bit better than a B-. After reading his scouting report from the draft I thought he did a great job "finding work to do" and showed every bit of aggressiveness that apparently he had in 2016. And I thought his movement was pretty good on pulls. That said ... B, perhaps even a B+. It was a good place to start.
  6. he would have said ten, but he didn't realize you can use your thumbs to count.
  7. “If you have two friends in your lifetime, you're lucky. If you have one good friend, you're more than lucky.” ~SE Hilton. (no offense, Kirby). My wife has much the same feeling about the time I spend on websites like these, Augie.
  8. what is the difference? I mean, at the end of the day, our QB isn't making the throws to the WRs that are open, today, right now. Giving him more or better wide receivers (and we can leave that question as whether or not players were fakers. OMFG) isn't going to change the outcome of your rookie QB. If he doesn't throw the ball he is going to continue to have the worst offense in the history of football.
  9. Of the four QBs, one leads literally the worse offense in the history of the NFL. Honestly, in the history of the league for chrissakes. The same QB has, in 17 starts going back to 2017, thrown for less than 100 yards six times. I honestly don't care how bad the other guys have been. When you have the reins of the worst offense in the history of football, you have separated yourself from the other guys. Period.
  10. six games out of 17, less than 90 yards. The bum is Josh Allen - by your standards.
  11. Most famous TJ name this year? Jake deGrom (best pitcher in baseball). It's tough, but it's not the end of the world.
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