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  1. As I said, it didn't make a bit of difference to me WHO PLAYED. Being pressured does not equate to having your pocket collapse. He had time to throw. And the fact that the other team was sending blitzers only indicates to me that there would have been opportunities downfield. I stand 100% behind what I said. I've watchted the tape several times now. He had plenty of time to throw.
  2. Agreed, on the whole. I don't doubt for a second that the plan is going to be worked. And he is the future. I know it seems like I'm contradicting myself, but I'm not ... The same coaching staff that felt it was okay to play Peterman, on the road, against a premier defense while the team was in a playoff hunt, will pull that trigger again. That precedent has been set. But I don't know that it will be too soon. I review that tape and I see three interceptions, maybe four. I see a hero, and frankly the NFL eats heros for breakfast but occasionally the hero becomes Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. That happens because God gifted them with the makeup and the tools to be right. What I'm getting at is this: you don't "develop" out of a guy what is in his soul. He'll occasionally take the safety valve, but his heart is going to be making that scorched earth pass to McCloud. Either you have Farve, or you don't. The question is whether or not this coaching staff has the balls to go through the fire and suffer an Aikman-like 5-20 record, a Manning like 1-13 and come back and ask for more. To be clear, I don't think Josh Allen has the mental makeup of Ryan Leaf or a china doll. He can take the pain, grow and be a better QB. That's the way I see it. I looked at that tape several times. He had sufficient time to make any play he wanted to make. There were consistently open plays underneath the coverage if he wanted to do that; he chose to be a hero. And the talent level on the field while he was playing was at the least equivilant. Perhaps better; didn't he at the least have an NFL starter at center, calling out the protection schemes? AAR, it's irrelevant to me. End of the day, he is what he is. You can polish him a little bit, get him to absorb the intelligence of the game for sure. But if we are truly lucky, we'll see plays like that 4th and 2 for the next 15 years.
  3. And that, in a nutshell, is the problem. You seem to think that having a plan means that by default he AUTOMATICALLY gets the keys to the car. If there is anything we know as fans in Buffalo, it's that for this particular head coach you earn that right every day. I agree with you, to the extent that he needs that exposure. I don't it automatically will occur in a regular season game this year. It really didn't for Pat Mahomes - and the Chiefs paid a substantial price to get him. Presumably there is a very capable #1 overall pick that showed his mettle pretty well against the Giants. The Ravens moved up to get Lamar Jackson; is he going to play in an important game this year? I highly, highly doubt it. So there - three very recent examples. Do SOME QBs play year one? Yeah. Generally not the ones with real development issues though. And as you yourself have already stated, there is no pattern that Allen has grown as yet.
  4. It's a good post. A baseball pitcher tossing a ball 100 MPH gets to the batter in .412 seconds. So frankly, in answer to your question, no. You are talking about literally 100ths of a second difference. Any marginal gain between AJM and NP is almost undetectable. Let's put it another way; do you think the difference between a guy running a 4.3 and 4.35 40 is truly significant? You'd be one of only a few. And most passes in the NFL aren't going 40 yards. Almost none of them do and if they do, they are likely trying to simply lead a WR. If you can make the ball go 40 to 60 yards ... it doesn't make any difference how fast it gets there. The difference between NP and AJM is less than that. And as you are well aware, a potential MVP QB was drafted two years ago spinning it at less than Peterman; another first round pick this year likewise throws it slower. Nobody on the Ravens or the Texans are complaining about arm strength in their QB. (Not sure where you got a timed number anywhere near 70 MPH for Allen, btw.) Cheers, Alex I think many in the NFL, even or especially after last night, believe that Allen has a significant chance to both be a star and be a bust. Throwing the ball 70 yards like he did on that first pass looked nice, but he was way the f off target and the ball landed out of bounds by several yards. The QB was alone in the backfield when he threw it and he was throwing into single coverage. In case you hadn't noticed, there aren't a lot of risk takers in the NFL and your head coach especially isn't one of them. I think you will be significantly surprised at the amount of time Josh Allen gets with the first team group.
  5. based on last night? He avoided the rush, rolled out and nailed a perfect pass to Benjamin. He completed two long balls. What did you see? If that's what you saw last night, we were on different TV stations. At least four of the passes were to second or third reads. And defenses routinely bait stupid QBs into one-read traps. Again, the weakest armed, successful QB since 2000 was Chad Pennington and he rarely threw interceptions. Interceptions are the domain of the rocket armed guy; first, because it is inherently difficult to be both accurate and throw hard. Second, because wide receivers fail to catch a fast ball. McCarron literally throws the ball at almost EXACTLY the same speed as Peterman. McCarron throws at 53 MPH, Peterman at 50 (presuming that Peterman has not increased his arm strength. It is widely reported that he did just that this off season.)
  6. Tyrod's friend

    Peterman is now officially TRADE BAIT

    When he played near to a full season - an indication he could play - 8-5 8-5 10-6 11-5 A total of 37 interceptions over those 4 years, 9 per. In a normal year, Brett Favre would throw 20-25. He was brittle. But the argument that a weak arm leads to interceptions is bull. It's more likely that a strong armed QB will toss an INT.
  7. Tyrod's friend

    Peterman is now officially TRADE BAIT

    Lamar Jackson DeShaun Watson Tyrod Taylor .. all spinned at or less than Peterman at the Combine. There are stacks of QBs throwing within 2 MPH of Peterman. And that assumes that Peterman didn't - as is widely suggested - improve his speed this past offseason. I think Drew Brees gets by pretty good with a not so impressive arm. When Brady came into the league, he was widely thought of as having not the best arm in football. Arm strength is BS. You cannot game plan for release or for accuracy or mental makeup. And outside of 2003, Pennington had a pretty poor group of teammates, but he won plenty of games. He'd win as many today. I think you are way, way undervaluing the guy - I saw a lot of his games, being a Long Island guy. He was the reason his teams won games.
  8. Tyrod's friend

    Peterman is now officially TRADE BAIT

    Accuracy and release speed is enough - but they have to be plus components. I questioned the former in what I saw last year. Yesterday he couldn't have been any more accurate. Even that pass to Ivory was close enough for anyone that hopes to be catching balls in the NFL. The flip side of speed is that balls aren't catchable. You saw that last night with Allen, several times; those jokes about broken fingers are real and they cause more turnovers than a weak arm will cause.
  9. Tyrod's friend

    Peterman is now officially TRADE BAIT

    So on ten passes, he threw long twice. Of the "short" passes, several were in the air a good amount of time because they were outs. And if I recall correctly, the pass to Benjamin HAD to be dropped in; if it was zipped, it would have been intercepted or knocked down. Not sure if any QB in the NFL throws long balls 20% of the time, but he completed both of them. He was one of the most accurate QBs of his time. He was comeback player of the year, I think twice. He led a nondescript Jets team pretty well; you might want to look at his roster choices. If you have Chad Pennington in today's game, you are in the playoffs pretty regularly. Injury prone, for sure. But he'd rip you up.
  10. Tyrod's friend

    Peterman is now officially TRADE BAIT

    Nothing wrong with Chad.
  11. Tyrod's friend

    Good Night / Bad Night - Pre-season Game 1

    felt that Lawson had a good game; moved upfield nicely, played to his strengths well. So many reports indicated to me that he was on death's door this pre-season. Didn't look that way to me.
  12. Tyrod's friend

    McDermott doesn’t learn

    So you are saying with McCoy in the backfield, last year they should have been passing more to set up the run? HAHAHAHAHA ... that's rich, and I LIKE Tyrod Taylor. More than that ... point out to me the many, many times other teams went for it on 4th/3. Apparently the entire NFL needs you as the HC. Keep fighting those windmills, Cervantes.
  13. Tyrod's friend

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

    John Ross has the fastest NFL time at 4.22, just beat CJ. I think what is relevant here is that speed doesn't mean jack. Other than CJ, none of those guys are really impressive NFL players. http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000917865
  14. Tyrod's friend

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

    I read more like just under 4.4. Since the league record on 40 time used to be Chris Johnson around 4.24 I highly doubt this guy ran a 4.12.