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  1. The Bills run D has been pretty good so far...a few runs for 1 or 2 yards and a couple for losses...
  2. Bills following Dolphins plan of bringing pressure and confusing Herbert...he is looking very jittery and unsure right now...his feet are not set properly when he is throwing.
  3. Gameplan specific....Bills said who play and who doesn't is based on week to week matchups
  4. Who the hell is Hinton??? No there was no option to delay the game...that is done strictly for medical reasons not because thr team does dumb stuff.
  5. They were hoping he overpursued the RB to the inside and left his gap vacated.
  6. He did in 1989 and 1990...but does 31 catches for 400 yards scare anyone?
  7. Couldn't ask for a better start than that...well maybe minus the very rare illegal formation penalty on the kickoff
  8. They had no running game at all...so late in games when they needed to burn clock and run the ball they couldn't. That puts a lot of stress on the QB. In some ways they were designed to attack weaknesses of other teams being built to defend the run so much during that era and take advantage of matchups but in other ways they weren't good enough to do that as well as they could have been. They had no real TE threat. And to answer your question, a large part was the Bills were simply a better team top to bottom than the Dolphins were. More HOF caliber players and more talent.
  9. Different circumstances. Those teams were having positive tests day after day... This situation is due to contact tracing not positive tests.
  10. I mean do the Broncos have anyone but themselves to blame? They had all the QBs near each other without masks and without tracking devices much if the time.
  11. Better than most people down there who are just spreading COVID 😷
  12. Just like in Pinkalicious... Pinkalicious' Father said "You get what you get, and you don't get upset." But she got VERY upset.
  13. It would be hilarious if Elway suited up for them tomorrow...I mean technically he is on the team and wouldn't have to go through testing...
  14. The games are moved for medical reasons NOT personnel reasons.
  15. Finished with 409 yards...2nd alltime to Samaje Perine's 427...
  16. I hear Marrone will be in need of a job soon...more Pinstripe Bowls to look forward to!
  17. It is insanity!! 103 carries for 896 yards and 16 TDs...in 4 games!!!
  18. This dude is unreal! After running for 301 yards and setting the UB record, he follows it up with an 8!!! TD day and shatters his own record with 385 yards and counting!!
  19. Being a good OC/DC has really nothing to do with being a good HC. Completely different skill sets.
  20. Bills had some good teams in the late 70s/early 80s. Also the AFL Bills won championships. But mostly correct. I agree...and Watson is younger than the other QBs. Missing picks in your first draft isn't ideal but should be able to overcome it relatively quickly... Atlanta has some offensive talent but Ryan is getting up there in age.
  21. Yeah I was just about to correct that...they have won 1 playoff game since 1957...
  22. They have won 1 playoff game since 1957. I don't even know how that is possible.
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