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  1. At least 2 were on Allen but the main difference was the D Linemen were not standing in the backfield unblocked waiting for the ballcarrier to get the ball.
  2. The 75 combined net passing yards in the Broncos-Saints game must be some sort of low for the past 40 or 50 years I would think...anyone see anything on the last time 2 teams combined totalled 75 or fewer passing yards in a game?
  3. Epenesa had a few nice plays today and was noticeable in the backfield
  4. Seems the past 2 weeks the refs are trying to make up for the lack of holding calls in the first half of the year by throwing flags on what seems like every other offensive play on some drives. I don't ever remember seeing as many 1st and 30 or 2nd and 35 situations as I have seen the past 2 weeks. Some of them are justified and some aren't. Honestly to me it looks like the players have all adjusted to what wasn't being called the first half of the year and now when they are doing the same thing it is a penalty. There just needs to be consistency...it seems the NFL has issued a mandate to call more holds on offense because there are a lot more the past few weeks.
  5. Anthony Lynn is 8-19 since last season. Adam Gase is 7-20. Let that sink in for a moment. There is no reason in the world the Chargers should only be 1 win better than the Jets since last season. The talent difference between the two teams is immense.
  6. They made Herbert look bad for most of the game. A few good plays but his feet were all over the place. The most underwhelming 300 yard passing day I have ever seen. Pretty much every team in the NFL? No lead is safe. The Packers turned a big halftime lead into a loss last week in Indy. KC survived a comeback attempt by TB after being up 17-0 amd 27-10. It's just how the league is. Too many rules favoring the offense and too many penalties on defense now. Thinking otherwise is simply just not watching enough other games.
  7. I am not afraid of them at all. I think the Bills could.make Mayfield look really bad with the way the D has been aggressive the last 5 games.
  8. Another way to look at it: As "flat" as the Bills were, the 18 point deficit the Chargers faced at 24-6 was their largest deficit of the entire year. The Bills are sneaky...they don't seem to be playing great at times but they still roll up points on teams...
  9. Maybe back next week. No gauarantee. But the run D will face a major test with Mostert being back for the 49ers...
  10. His ankle bent but if you watch at the very end his knee got pinned underneath him and he was kind of pushed in the other direction by the guy coming in late... Very lucky because I thought it could have been a bad ankle and/or knee sprain or possible tear.
  11. OK. What is your point? The game we play today has 0 bearing on the game we play against a good team in the playoffs. Or do you think that every other good team in the league brings their 'A' game each week and somehow the Bills are the only team that doesn't? If so you obviously watch very little football outside of the Bills games because week in and week out most teams are up and down in the way they play. Which brings me to the point that it is tiring hearing about how the Bills seemingly are some crazy team that is always up and down where other teams aren't. It isn't the case. Football is a matchup sport. Some weeks even if you are playing a very good team record wise you match up better than other teams would. Sometimes you play a bad team and don't match up as well. Injuries are a big factor also. So my advice is that if you think the Bills are alone in this watch more football and you will see this is the norm.
  12. Except the Bills have more wins against teams with winning records than anyone else in the NFL. Come again? Apparently beating more teams with winning records than any other team in the NFL doesn't make him happy.
  13. Because there wasn't an outbreak of positive COVID tests on the team, this was due to contact tracing and lack of following guidelines. IE, playing the game wouldn't have potentially exposed players to COVID whereas the other games it could have. Games are only moved due to medical decisions NOT teams and players being idiots.
  14. But I mean they jumped to an 18 point lead which was the biggest deficit the Chargers have faced this year. They do far more things right than wrong which is why they are 8-3 and a lucky play away from being 9-2.
  15. And he had another catch getting Schopp closer to winning his bet Not me...I think they are a good team that just has mental lapses during the game at some point. Honestly it might stem from them being in the lead so much that they feel like they are coasting and then let teams back in before slamming the door usually. Whatever they did in the bye week for the run game worked well and the defense continued to play aggressive which has really been night and day since the Chief game. I do have some concerns with the offense having so many struggles in the passing game without Brown but it's hard to argue when they are still putting up 27 points and would have likely been 30+ without the fumble near the redzone.
  16. The Bills lead the NFL in average 4th quarter points. You gloss over that conveniently.
  17. Marrone is a dead man walking. New GM will want his coach.
  18. And the Colts demolished the Titans 2 weeks ago on the road. What's your point? It is a week to week league. Also the Pack blew that game they had a big first half lead.
  19. Every game is different. Why do people assume 1 game's 4th quarter performance will be every games 4th quarter performance? If anything this is the aberration, the Bills lead the NFL in average 4th quarter points and play lights put usually. THAT should be what you think the normal performance is not a single game versus the other 10.
  20. Bills D held Allen in check, made Herbert look bad and flustered for much of the game and stuffed the run pretty well. They made a few plays here and there but I was never seriously worried and the Chargers never held a lead at any point in the game.
  21. I wasn't worried more because Anthony Lynn might be the worst head coach at clock management in the history of the NFL
  22. Honestly today's game was kind of boring from a football standpoint. No real flashy plays minus the Beasley trickeration but a lot of solid football plays. Then they decided to go on a turnover barrage but the D played very well down the stretch to hold them in ✔ and bailed out the O getting a turnover of their own back in the process. Chargers only got 3 points off the 3 TOs which is pretty remarkable. We were a little lucky Lynn passed up a 43 yard FG attempt on 4th and 1 earlier because if they make that we are playing the end of the game to prevent the tie rather than a meaningless score.
  23. I thought both our running offense and running defense had great games. On O we rarely had defensive linemen in the backfield disrupting plays which has become commonplace and they were opening up huge holes in the run game. On D we really stuffed their run game all day long including 2 huge 4th down plays and down by the goalline late in the game. I only remember one big run they have where they looked like they called a perfect play to catch us in a blitz and we ran right by the ballcarrier. Most of the day we were keeping them in 2nd and 3rd and longs when they tried to run the ball.
  24. The Broncos Saints game is setting back offensive football 30 years. It is brutal.
  25. D has really picked it up since the Chiefs game when they decided to become more aggressive.
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