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  1. I know we did a Mt. Rushmore of Bills and Sabres coaches and now Fox has done that with Bills players. I did not see another post on this so here goes. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/buffalo-bills-all-time-mount-rushmore-4-best-players-in-franchise-history They picked Jim Kelly, Smith, OJ Simpson, & Andre Reed. All are great players, but once again like when he was coming out of college, Thurman Thomas was forgotten and disrespected. I would replace Reed with Thomas. I know the obvious choice to toss should be Simpson, but not for his performance on the field. For me,
  2. I met and got Ed Kranepool's autograph when he played for the Bisons in 1963.
  3. Not sure about that logic - The AFL was a different league than the NFL, but was not a minor league to the NFL. The Bills championships in 64 & 65 were as high as the Bills could go in their league.
  4. My 4 - 2 each: Lou Saban Marv Levy Scottie Bowman Lindy Ruff Not the only championship winning franchise in Buffalo: let's not discount the 2 AFL Championships that the Bills won in the 60's..
  5. In this crazy time and while we are all hoping for a full NFL season, I've found a sign from above that this will be Buffalo's year. https://www.aol.com/article/news/2020/05/21/woman-attacked-by-bison-at-yellowstone/24376714/ Seriously, stay safe everyone! Go Bills!
  6. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Buffalo Bills original glory days!
  7. Would love to see Bryce Hall drop to us in round 4
  8. There are three running backs (Swift, Dobbins, Taylor) and two edge rushers (Espenza, Gross-Matos) that really interest me at 54. If any of those 5 fall to the Bills, it would be great! After those 5 players, and its possible that all 5 are gone at 54, I'd go for the BPA.
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