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  1. Proved my point. Allen has to lead team in Passing and Rushing.
  2. How many times is their quarterback the leading passer and rusher.
  3. Minnesota had only one time out left all they had to do was run the ball get a first down eat up the time on the clock walk off the field with a win, instead three pass plays two of which were incomplete stopping the clock and one penalty.
  4. The Offense relies too much on him.
  5. Josh is falling apart before our eyes
  6. Re watched. Edmunds got pushed around and was out of position. Also did not make any penetrating tackles.
  7. You bring a valid point regarding using the running back eight times a game is that just because we don’t have a running back who can be productive? I am not sure what the answer is but I certainly know we have got to get better
  8. Watching the bills running backs struggle is it time to take this rumor seriously?
  9. Best line of the night Tyreek beat the Bills like they were one of his children..... Chiefs are much better, we have work to do for sure. Offense relies too much on Josh we need to build better OL and get a running game. I know its sexy to throw for 300-400 yards a game but some yards on the ground can be sexy too
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