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  1. agreed, need to control both LOS. also need a RB
  2. Best line of the night Tyreek beat the Bills like they were one of his children..... Chiefs are much better, we have work to do for sure. Offense relies too much on Josh we need to build better OL and get a running game. I know its sexy to throw for 300-400 yards a game but some yards on the ground can be sexy too
  3. I don’t think it’s unfair to ask for more from Oliver and Edmunds
  4. I believe we need more from this postion, Knox has really regressed ............
  5. i certainly understand the comments about Zimmers poor play but he was a PS guy,. How do you explain Oliver? top 10 overall draft pick...if i am not mistaken Oliver was not on field for the last game deciding drive by KC (Hurt??)
  6. Is Josh the QB of weeks 1-4 or is he the QB of weeks 5&6
  7. Saw a stat that the Bills are spending more money on their DL than any other team in the league
  8. Not sure if Oliver was hurt but the last game deciding drive Justin Zimmer was playing and Ed Oliver was on bench
  9. IMO Levon Bell had the best night am I wrong but I was expecting more from Ed Oliver
  10. the other question is with no fans in the stands-what does that do to the local economy? walk around Bills Stadium on a Sunday every local place is full of people. Tailgaters eating/drinking food they purchased.....etc.
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