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  1. We do need another quality WR, look at how WR room injuries hamstrung us in the playoffs recently, can’t be taking the chance that McKittric needs to be relied on as a replacement for either Diggs or Davis,that would be a really big problem…,
  2. Wouldn’t one think as a point of skill, and positional need, that a first round pick is a magnitude higher than a fourth round pick? This noise about a fourth round pick’s value being insinuated at a higher value than a first round pick / acquisition that filled a giant hole in our roster with a quality CB is preposterous, just stop already, be f ing happy we don’t have a giant hole in our starting line up anymore, context and priorities are important factors…, nuthin but love, Go Bills!!!
  3. Just watched a video interview / Q&A with Elam, he appears to be a smart young man, and has his head on straight, I think he will be a very good addition to our team, Go Bills!!!
  4. I love reading these massively absurd trade scenarios, do folk really think that this stuff is gonna actually happen???
  5. Nice closure to day ones activities, thanks for the quality read, oh, and nice success rate on first rounders. I suspect Beane is gonna go Offense in rd 2, but what the hell do I know about team building 😁 Go Bills!!!
  6. So we will all get to see you complain for the next two to five years over your personal misgivings about this pick, that’s gonna be so freaking awesome…, Go Bills!!!
  7. I thought the would want to talk about Tremaine Edmunds…
  8. Would have thought you might have a Pimms on hand, 😁👍
  9. How about sharing those blueberry muffins…, Damn good analysis, good listen 👍
  10. Lol, Happens every single year, just like all the folk that went ballistic when Josh Allen got picked, it will be a hoot to have a gander at their combined prose…, 😁👍 Go Bills!!!
  11. You may have answered the question with the “no brainer” portion of your question…
  12. I think we should talk about Beasley, he never got the amount of conversation he warranted…,
  13. In my perfect world, someone who is playing regularly no later than three games into the season, and making a notable difference with their performance, Is that to much to ask? I think not…
  14. It’s too late Virg, the weird is already here 😂
  15. I would accept that he is a damn good QB, but he would still be the opponent, and need to rooted against always, I would look at him as I looked at Joe Montana, liked his persona, enjoyed watching him be clutch, but…,
  16. You always have good rational for your selection at all positions, a lot of work to put this together, well done and thanks, it was a good read.
  17. Maybe we get a compensatory pick out of this, being that we are one of the cool kids now…,
  18. It appeared the Beas was no longer happy in NewYork, he eliminated himself, there were no hard feelings, and Beane let him go early to find himself a new deal, the circumstance was handled very professionally by Beane, as usual, and now both parties have moved on, not much more to say about it. Go Bills!!!
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