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  1. https://buffalonews.com/news/local/pse-confirms-plans-for-public-private-partnership-to-finance-new-buffalo-bills-stadium/article_4a5d0200-fc58-11eb-bb95-33e8f047540b.html
  2. Did not know you were quoting the Athletic. Number still seems high. Not that it matters, since the stadium appears to be destined for OP.
  3. Did it ever dawn on you that maybe he was just sharing it, for those who may want to download for future reference?
  4. This is just a wild guess on your part...unless you have access to the study the Pegula’s had contracted for last year.
  5. You can look at it from both sides. How much did that ridiculous roof of MB(that they had all kind of problems with) add to the project? ...and I’d venture to guess that the suites and club level seating capacity at MB is much greater than anything that would be included in RWS replacement.
  6. Just my 2 cents, but the training and practice facilities were not going anywhere regardless of where a new stadium was built in WNY.
  7. ...and then immediately shutdown all locations. The more restaurants they open, and the bigger the menu(it is currently ridiculous), the worse it gets.
  8. Show me some stats to back this up? Why do you think the Bills have the practice dome? This is where they go on most days with inclimate weather. There is no advantage for the Bills during snow games....none.
  9. Maybe because one side of it is an old warehouse. 🤫 A fixed roof stadium does not have to be modeled after any one particular existing stadium.
  10. If the stadium price is really 1.4B, and it is not a dome/fixed roof, somebody is getting ripped off...and that would be the taxpayers. Chances are the majority is getting poured into suites and club seating, that the majority of us will never utilize. They are getting sold a bill of goods by Jerry’s company, and wait until they find out that those suites/seats will be very difficult to sell.
  11. When Tim Krumrie was the DL coach for the Bills, didn’t rookies or draft prospects have to go through his wrestling test? Might be mixing him up with someone else.
  12. I understand the negotiations are done behind closed doors, but it is BS that the designs have not been released for a stadium that is going to be funded by at least 40% taxpayer money. The stadium study was completed sometime last year. Even if some of the bells and whistles change going forward, what is it that is so secretive as of today?
  13. You couldn’t find a way to include a “Mahomes is great and your team traded him to mine” take? Calm down, pull your pants back up, and take your steal of the draft nonsense elsewhere.
  14. There is always talk here of other fanbases being insufferable, but considering some of the topics around here....pot meet kettle.
  15. All I know is, if this is anywhere near the money that Edmunds will command, I hope it is with another team. 😉
  16. What’s next? A thread on “did you see what happened on All My Children today”?
  17. Since the new stadium talk started last year or the year before, I have always been for a downtown fixed roof stadium. I’m okay with losing the downtown location, but building an open air stadium would be a huge mistake.
  18. So there are 25,000+ fans who tailgate but dont go into the game? You are just making crap up, throwing it against the wall, and see what sticks.
  19. Any Kumerow updates from today that are also worthy of a separate Kumerow thread? It would be nice if we could get his Page 1 thread count north of 5 by the end of today. 😂
  20. At a game 5 years ago or so, guy a couple rows in front of me, pulls out a ziploc bag of whiskey. Worst part, he was a guy in his 60’s. 😂
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