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  1. They’re the least of the Bills problems. Who cares about the announcing crew. Misdirected anger at its finest.
  2. McD was right next to Poyer when he got the personal foul on the late hit. Instead of getting in his face...he turns his back and walks away.
  3. Go back and watch the Darrell Williams TD, and you will see that Edmunds is a joke. While Williams runs off LT for a TD, Edmunds is untouched as he runs where the RG was and is in the backfield making a U-turn as Williams crosses the goal line. 😂😂😂
  4. KC’s patchwork OL is DOMINATING. What an embarrassment.
  5. I’m looking for Micah Hyde. Has anyone seen him?
  6. I have no problem with giving guys a breather, but shouldn't your 4 best guys on the line be closer to 65-70%(or even higher for your best 1 or 2 DL) snap counts versus this... https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/snap-counts?year=2020&team=BUF&week=ALL&position=DL&op=Submit&form_build_id=form-uKZUpYm1n3hMHjix2aaJ7fMO_NkbbFH-FDSmFbgqatU&form_id=fo_stats_snap_counts_form
  7. So if the Bills are having slipping/footing issues, according to the quoted, isn't adding more fill going to make the problem worse?
  8. It sounds like the county picks up the tab for the turf, but I'm hoping the Pegula's have the final say as to what company they are going with. I hope this isn't some sort of low bid situation. If so, not a good look for an NFL franchise.
  9. Buffalo is next to Lake Erie and Niagara Falls....much more used to water and being wet...especially all those team trips on the Maid of the Mist. Advantage Buffalo.
  10. So they put in new turf before last season, by a local company whose resumé is limited, and they are having problems with it? Who would have guessed?
  11. WGRZ Ch 2 just led off the news with this issue. I guess it’s a slow news day. Also referred to the person in question as “super fan”. Media sensationalism at it a best.
  12. Really? You couldn’t save your criticism for him in for another thread. You must be so proud of yourself. 😡
  13. Damn...I was hoping the moniker would go away someday. Instead the Bills trademarking makes it seem that they are embracing it, and will use it going forward. 😞
  14. What a great young man. The world needs more like him. 👍
  15. How much are the Bills playing a 2 LB set, and are they using that because they don’t have a good 3rd LB, or is it a scheme thing?
  16. Star was in for only 46% of the defensive snaps last year. I’m tired of hearing that his absence is why Edmunds sucks this year. How is it that Edmunds “managed” without Star 54% of the time last season?
  17. How does a shoulder injury cause you to misdiagnose running plays over and over and over again? 😈
  18. Did anyone expect Lorax to say anything bad about him?
  19. Almost 2,000 career touches(rushing and receiving). Buyer beware.
  20. Already responded up thread....trade, or even poach someone from a practice squad. Beane would know if there are upgrades out there, or maybe he feels his defense is good as is.
  21. Up to Beane to work the phones and find out. 😉
  22. I’m talking about Beane looking for upgrades via trade.
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