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  1. the blitz pick up or lack of on the killer strip sack....that's not on josh bud. You've been listening to the Bulldog who had to be chastised by Sal...that on the tight end bulldog.. Oh actually it was the 35 mph winds which affected that 17 yd punt which set up a baltimore score in our own end. here is a link to the weather if you dont remember https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2019/12/buffalo-bills-baltimore-ravens-will-battle-strong-winds-on-sunday.html
  2. most bills fans know this....although wgr qb expectations not taking his history into account SO frustrating. No its not a level playing field how those bozo's miss this is ..well honestly not shocking but still frustrating. Make or break year for Josh - at 23 hardly. McBeane has brought him along perfectly playing complimentary football as he grows. I thought the object was to win, fantasy football has left some chasing numbers instead of winning football games. He is improving they have a good team around him but as was not selected out of the SEC oh wait Fromm was. Mahomes threw 1350 passes in college to other nfl players in a competitive college conference, Allen threw 650 times at a smaller school to non NFL caliber players and versus over all non NFL players. Why would they be at the same point coming into the draft. As an example
  3. production off the street ? flowers 2 starts, cassillas 3 starts, ramon humber played special teams 6 games without any stats of any kind...Roberts 4 sacks in 4 years .....production?
  4. this is called dont click....he writes these articles to move the needle....kind of a cowherd, hannity, stern, rush approach they dont even believe half the crap they say ya if i looked like that I'd be really pissed off.....lack of sex can really take over your life (I'm told)
  5. ha they were so sure they were beating us last year too This year not even close two beat downs 27-10 game 1 24-13 game 2
  6. your point was how did they find him......well at USC not at North Idaho State
  7. the cassell year they were first on defense 1st in pts allowed, first in yards, 1st against the pass and led the league in turnovers gee he went to USC - do they have athletic scholarships at USC he won with the top defense in the league...Cassel went 10-5 not 11 and lead the league in getting sacked....it was a dont lose it for us Matt
  8. YES!! we cant get Guy blocked it was amazing to watch I thought I was the only one who noticed match wits honestly he's shut brady down a lot and out coached Bill......just short a couple vet play makers who come up with the plays
  9. First lets look how the Patriots won last year: Brady was down last year but he wasn't terrible at all, just unable to take over or come up with the back breaking plays he's known for. Still going 12-4 I think we would all take every year from who ever lines up at QB for us. Brady had 2 big games back to back giants and skins 348+334 he was Tom terrific then it really left - he had 3375 in the 14 other games again not terrible but that's 240 a game and not elite putting him 18th in the league. (YES I KNOW REMOVING HIS BEST TWO GAMES) As far as the patriots they won games in many different ways: 1) The overlooked specials teams great in many catagories 9th in kick off coverage...9th in punt coverage...10th in punt return ave.....9th in opposition starting average. 20.3 yd line.....there were 9 blocked punts in the entire league they had 4 of them. - the kickers they used FOUR kickers Folk, Nugent, Gustkowski, Forbath collectively they hit 80% are you kidding me? 2) Defense great at shutting you down but they do more that 25 interceptions (we had 14) 5 defensive touchdowns...15 forced fumbles (we had 16) 3) When they got the turnovers they whipped on teams, when they didnt they struggled, winning 16-10, 17-10, 13-9 in the five games new england required the offense to score 20 to win they lost them all 0-5 giving up 20-27-23-28-37 4) Brady still had some magic in him with clutch throws to Edelman and White that was the offense they lost a few guys as everyone does but Brady was their confidence and leader I think Bill will play a ball control, conservative, low scoring. gadget playing offense and try to win 13-10
  10. great they arent gonna make the team but nice words
  11. this roster is freaking loaded....2nd and 3rd rounders make it....the rest who knows probably keep 1 wr. We are not looking for a crop of rookies on the club we are past that. how do you get a locker room to under preform? Guys like this - nope
  12. wanted to take their time and get a long look at it.....said that at the super bowl.....what month are we in? Nothing will be done Sexy Krafty tape also disappeared I think he paid off the Palm Beach Judge but no one says a word about it ever--weird as far as new england taping signs etc. ---there is a reason they do it, because it works. Why keep risking it the elaborate plans keep doing it. Told not to by commish keep doing it. Punished keep doing it, punished again keep doing it....now here we are again. Obviously guys when you keep doing it the benefit outweighs the penalty. You take draft picks we keep winning enough for home field and go to super bowl -deal.
  13. at 31 with a 4.6 yards per carry average ? He's be perfect as a role player and versatile it's a question of can he swallow his ego here where he once starred? They will always go somewhere else and do it- I agree he's a perfect fit and well liked
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