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  1. CardinalScotts

    The ownership has no respect for us

    Its these post that make me think what the hell are you talking about. This ownership owes us: an end to the playoff drought an investment into a franchise quarterback a quality product while were breaking him in being competitive while not having the roster to do it this is purely a lack of talent where we couldnt fix it- O line and wide reciever quite you whinning you cant fix everything in one year db- taron johnson, white, poyer hyde looks pretty good lb- edmonds milano look pretty good DL-phillips phillips starr murphy lawson hughes looks pretty good OT- Dawkins looks good...while Mills is a descent tackle OG- Hot mess we cant run which means we cant get out on a screen, or pull = limited playbook C- Bodine doesn't look as bad as we feared TE-Croom in his first year looks some what promising, time to move on from Clay WR- We've seen Zay start to step forward but there is no doubt they suck here RB- the addition of Ivory has been a nice piece and McCoy still has it- OG problems show up here too QB- obviously what were waiting for P- nice pick up he's been much much better than schmidt
  2. not much could be done along the offensive line - play him let him get experience stop anticipating victories were not good
  3. CardinalScotts

    Broken Pass Protections - Why? What's the Fix?

    for a year maybe hes 35
  4. thought that too early on but we have to stay with him.....and Allen did too. He did make some catches as the game went on
  5. CardinalScotts

    I Bet $5,000 on Minnesota. Should I Be Worried?

    Cousins is a .500 quarterback with some pretty descent Washington teams- that would be the worry- the FACT that he's never played 3 good games in a row But Buffalo may be so bad it won't matter, that being said when Cousins is bad he's unbelievable in what he does so yes I'd be nervous. If McD can fix the D and Cousins is Cousins I honestly like the Bills
  6. CardinalScotts

    The positive of Mayfield being good

    slow down bud let's wait and see on Mayfield....if he gets to always play his game in relief during a short week where you aren't game planning against the back up quarterback he's might be tough. But as an every week guy - we'll see. Every Mayfield pass was short as hell, and he played one half of football at home and the Jets suck. I'm not saying he's going to be good or bad we don't know but we all need more than a 30 minute prove it session in optimal circumstances. This is WGR radio (I dont want to do any prep work) stuff
  7. CardinalScotts

    Every throw from Josh Allen’s 1st start

    our whining, complaining, crying- how does mcbean lose your faith 18 games in ? after a playoff year i dont get it the talent level on this team is not high enough you cant get everything taken care of in one year despite what jarhead white claims on wgr- there a reason he's not in the nfl in any capacity
  8. CardinalScotts

    Every throw from Josh Allen’s 1st start

    as a Bills fan who is in this struggle with all of us I still have to ask why are we so stupid?
  9. CardinalScotts

    Brandon Bean failed to provide Josh Allen a mentor

    wtf are you grading him on?>
  10. CardinalScotts

    Brandon Bean failed to provide Josh Allen a mentor

    to do what?
  11. CardinalScotts

    Don't cut Reilly

    unless they resign him to a different deal at a different rate....wouldnt suprise me
  12. CardinalScotts

    EJ Manuel vs AJ McCarron Last Night

    Ive seen McCarron play before and not crap his pants its preseason it doesn't mean a thing. Of course Peterman looks good so did EJ I fear with Peterman starting things could go really well -until we get down 10 points in any game it's virtually over. Play with the lead we'll could be alright...but Peterman in the gun slinging it no chance.
  13. CardinalScotts

    Don't cut Reilly

    Riles was available all last year nobody touched him....Hogan is the same guy - patriots throw it 40 times a game Bills threw it 18. Your going to have better numbers
  14. we stunk and its preseason and NO ONE will remember that game in 2 weeks
  15. CardinalScotts

    Trent Murphy and Star Lotulelei

    well one is huge in the run defense and pass rush..the other huge in the pas rush and they havent played in the preseason. Star very little- they are proven good players calm down its preseason. This regime i fairly certain didnt get them to help in preseason