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  1. CardinalScotts

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots

    It is my prediction a few years after retirement it will come out Brady was on a steroid or hgh. Guilty by association in my mind- I guess a little bit. It's hard to believe at his age he can throw it 40 times a game week in and week out and no one questions it? Reminds me of the World Series when everyone hit .118 except big Poppi .750 - no one questioned it? I did But no one questioned Canseco, McGuire, Sosa etc and all the others
  2. CardinalScotts

    [Misleading Title] Ronald Curry WR Coach

    what makes a good wide rec coach ? How would we know how good of job he's doing? I'm not saying Robiski was good or not good...I really dont know and unless you were being coached by him you also do not know. Want to go younger because you want a guy who can relate to the players better okay want to go older as sometimes these coaches can serve as a father figure okay Someone who is a break down the mechanics of route running versus someone who is a film study guy . Bottom line with position coaches we hope the head coach makes a good decision and is given good players to work with. Our wideouts this year over all were not very good but you did see progression from Foster and a little from Zay does he get credit for that? The others will be cut and never play again does he take blame for that?
  3. CardinalScotts

    Startling Star statistic

    he is why you saw Milano and Edmunds step forward
  4. CardinalScotts

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    you would be the first guy crying if the would have hired Reich
  5. CardinalScotts

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Frazier no Carolina connection...Dabol no Carolina connection...we brought in a old QB in Anderson (good move but not to play) and KB didnt work. over reaction
  6. because Jeffries dropped a pass and a kicker put it off the upright and crossbar and instead of going over it bounced the other way. Thats because the other team had a good offense
  7. CardinalScotts

    Are the Bills the Ronald Wayne of the NFL?

    depending on how good Mahomes turns out to be....had a tremendous year but it might wind up with falling short of super bowl again for chiefs. he's now on tape we'll see what happens
  8. if Mahomes goes on to super bowls and we dont then he has a valid point. If its based on Mahomes walking into a loaded offense and a great play caller that worked one regular season then no. Everyone is trying to build a super bowl team, at this point its an incomplete after a couple years. White is 23, Allen 22, Edmunds 20...slow down were building a good young team on both sides of the ball. I like Mahomes but I dont love him I think the Colts are going to beat them this week. For the record no way would I trade those 3 for Mahomes
  9. CardinalScotts

    Why the Bills should try to sign Preston Brown in 2019.

    in reply to the first comment...wow!!!! Brown was an undersized linebacker who was horrible in pass coverage. Couldn't get off blocks and had zero interest in stuffing the run. He played MLB on a terrible defense that coudnt stop anyone you going to rack up a ton of tackles while they march the ball down your throat. Edmunds is 20 he'll be much much better next year.....stay away from Brown- like everyone else this season. Why didnt he have any interest - well he stinks
  10. CardinalScotts

    Ted Washington not impressed with Bills DL

    Ted was a guy who wasnt good he was big. 6-5 375 ..no one ever said Wow what a play by Washington. They said Wow he's huge. Pat Williams made more plays
  11. CardinalScotts

    Barnwell: Progress Report on 2018 1st Round QBs

    One of many who have figured out Bills fans will click and react. He's a tool like Rodak (and there buddies) just skip over it you have to respect the person before you care what his opinion is- the first part of that stops me with his garbage. Its like why does Allen run so much? Really do you watch the games- which of these talented wide outs we signed this week or didnt release is running open? How about the tight end option- quarterbacks best friend the good tight end. Oh ya we can't run the football because our offensive line sucks both in passing and running. Now we are playing are terrible starters back ups who couldnt beat out this group to start with I'm sure they will play great. I didnt click on the article but I'm sure this is close to what he is saying
  12. he likely thought he could make video history like Taylor with the Redskins lighting up Moorman. Classless thug move he'll get his
  13. CardinalScotts

    Trade for Sean Lee in the off-season

    he'll be 33 next year...ummm NO and Murphy has been fine
  14. CardinalScotts

    In the pantheon of insufferable douches, Mike Schopp is Zeus.

    its a hard listen but for Bills and Sabres nutz is a one station town. It's unreal but there they are Howard- possible the dumbest sports talk show host and i use the term "generously" a complete boob Jeremy- loves to hear himself talk, must not have kids. Sal takes calls/questions Jeremy answers them- not asking you they are asking Sal Bulldog- seems like a nice guy, true Buffalo is Robin to douche bags Batman. When he host by himself or with Sal totally different guy Schopp- not sure how he stays around, mr inteliigent and your hosting a radio show- whoa slow down Einstein Geary- one of the two guys who know a little football the other being Sal. It's in a way shocking how little the know about the game and never bring on an ex player, coach, scout to break it down for us. That would take air time from Jeremy and we can't have that. If you ever listen to a sports talk show from another city you will get it. They suck - but if not you get comfortable like sitting on a broken down couch but it's all you know
  15. CardinalScotts

    Thoughts on not making Anthony Lynn our HC?

    Do you want Lynn running this rebuild? Breaking in a new qb, building the defense getting the cap situation fixed? I like Lynn and I think he's a good coach but I don't think he had a plan on t he future. If we hired Reich we would be accused of "try to turn the clock back" or "living in the past" or "trying to sell tickets" etc- that was a move that would not have won with fans likewise what's he rookie qb plan>? plug in Rivers plug in Luck your off to a good start