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  1. CardinalScotts

    Bills Moments That Have Made you Worry About Your Health

    Two games come to mind which looking back were stupid because we werent going anywhere really nothing to get upset about. The Dallas Monday night game and the New England McKelvin kick return fumble. third game i think had an affect on the season the Seattle total b.s. game i would think the titans playoff game and Norwood miss are automatics for everyone that back up steelers roster rurned out to be pretty talented as those players went on to have success. We act like it was a bunch of guys picked up off the street that week and they put Steelers jerseys on
  2. CardinalScotts

    Dont look now but word is Josh Allen is already there

    he's had to work hard even to get a look coming out of high school, going the JUCO route. Even after that not a lot of interest from college coaches who can't evaluate talent, much like Carsen Wentz. Working is just part of his personality- often thought of as not important by some. McDermott and Beane value it of course there has to be potential with it but so many qb's don't make it and in my opinion its lack of hard work, although some think they are working hard.
  3. CardinalScotts

    Who is Brad Riter and Why Did He Leave WGR?

    sucks in a one station town. Morning show is straight unbearable the afternoons -good god awful. Instigators consistently entertaining and very funny and Murphy is up and down. Brad's stint on the afternoon was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever heard on WGR. His show on WECK was entertaining and Bob Gaughan was a treat
  4. CardinalScotts

    What is the Bills record without Shady?

    chance to get out from under that contract on a RB that will be 31 when i believe the Bills will be in position to compete with the rest of the NFL and then 32 and so on..... that being said I hope he had nothing to do with it
  5. CardinalScotts

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    first thing that i thought was if your up and tweeting when this took place you are evil. then again anyone who would do this is evil as well. I feel terrible for her but I don't think he's involved, not only said as a Bills fan just my guy feeling
  6. CardinalScotts

    The Athletic vs. The Buffalo News: Which Side Are YOU On?

    TBN was the same columns spit up from year to year. Give me somone who can tell me something i dont already know. I dont need cheerleaders nor do i need a smart ass. The content has sucked for years - Tim Graham can really write but they are all feel good stories or tear jerkers. No one there has the football knowledge to break down anything, so they don't and it becomes boredom to read
  7. CardinalScotts

    ESPN appears to have terminated comment sections

    have not been to espn.com in literally years
  8. CardinalScotts

    Sporting News Ranks Sean McDermott Eighteenth Best Head Coach

    took a team that was thought to be tanking expected to win 4 or 5 games made the playoffs. 9-7 in the division having to play the patriots twice. based on last year hes top 10
  9. CardinalScotts

    Around the NFL: All Time 11 for Each AFC East Team

    5 pro bowls name guys who have more
  10. CardinalScotts

    Thoughts about the Bills Official Website

    go visit other teams...the layout is not good leading to hard to navigate. The content is okay
  11. CardinalScotts

    Eric Moulds... What happened to him?

    hes 44 years old - why would you hear about him ? the best WR the BILLS have ever had Whatever happened to Russel Copeland, you never hear about him anymore
  12. CardinalScotts

    "Josh Allen is blowing people away" - Chris Simms

    this is still valid
  13. CardinalScotts

    What If Rex Never Was Hired & Schwartz was The HC ?

    track record shows 4-12, 5-11 and out
  14. CardinalScotts

    Ranking Drought Starting QBs

    Bledsoe Fitz Orton Holcomb Tyrod Losman Edwards Johnson Manuel AVP
  15. CardinalScotts

    Are we expecting a spending spree next year?

    I dont think McBean is about signing free agents. We certainly could extend some guys but they plan of drafting well and building that way, but as they say FA signings generally are to fill in where you missed on guys in the draft- so we'll see