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  1. Highest Trade-up Compensation

    both 1's and the one next year
  2. Was breaking the drought worth it?

  3. Does signing Vontae say anything about EJ Gaines?

    johnson back at slot Gaines gone, he just couldnt line up enough
  4. Preston Brown thinks he can help the Patriots

    his run fits are brutal, the non aggressive caught in the wash approach is tough to watch and he is a liability versus the pass. Ya he's UNDER rated good god !!! i do not want Preston back
  5. poor drafting...and new regime new scheme etc. Not too suprising or alarming
  6. Bridge QB Reality Check

    this will be Dabol's call
  7. Colts 4th Q playcalling with lead extremely predictable

    even with Jacoby Brisett why wouldnt you throw caution to the wind when you have a first ballot hall of fame qb back there- dont get it
  8. Eagles Use Fake Walk Through Before SB

    exactly they cheat even after being repeatedly told not to for one huge reason- IT WORKS like steroids - you dont take them for the side effects you take them because they work
  9. Yet another QB Poll. Simple I hope

    I have nothing against Teddy B- but you do realize he's another Tyrod just a different face to hate
  10. Bills analytics department fired/restructured

    yes he was smallest and lowest paid scouts lowest paid assistant coaches lowest paid head coaches and this was year after year after year after year
  11. Nick Mangold

    if healthy yes, he's smart savy and nasty- a little age concern but for a year or two why not
  12. this should be sent to Jeremy-Howard- Bulldog and Schopp. When you have never been involved with athletics you don't get it and you never will. So quit trying to convince everyone you get what a culture around a team is. You have zero experience to draw from. When is the last time any of you were near a successful team at ANY level? Exactly
  13. Cleveland and the #1 and #4 picks.

    now find quality players who want to play there
  14. Drought Mt Rushmore

    Drought to means never made it so Wood, Kyle out- Fred--Moorman--Schobel--Lee Evans
  15. Beane's Transactions

    Watkins for Gaines and 2nd = Gaines hurt all year, something new each week. We were 8-4 with Gaines? he brings a lot lets us mask what were doing. Yep needs to be more reliable but in a trade with Mr Unreliable he was better than Ronald Darby- resign him. Darby for Matthews and 3rd = Matthews didn't even finish season from previous injuries. As stated above covering for Darby Gaines was a better replacement. Matthews had multiple injuries and really needs a passing quarterback to see his value. If we sign an actual passing quarterback (Cousins) I'd resign Matthews but his career took a shot with Tyrod. Wood 2 year extension = Wood retirement before contract even kicked in Leadership plays a role but shouldn't be above production. I'm very sorry his career ended before he was ready. His play has slipped the last 2 years and I thought they might move on but hes an average center and a good leader so I was okay with it. Seymour for Clay = Both players ended up contributing for Carolina Clay had 50 yds all year- stop it!.....Seymour played special teams but he's the 4th corner Ragland for 4th = Ragland starting LB in KC Ragland fits their defense but lets take a breath and remember their defense stinks! Dareus for 5th = Dareus looking great for Jacksonville while we left with dead money Option two is we have the dead money and the dead body had to get out from under it. He's a good little player as a back up on a loaded defense Signed Rod Streater = Didn't play a snap this year Are you supposed to know who gets hurt, how and how long they will be out before they get on the field? Signed Boldin = Didn't play a snap this year could have been a good signing as a teacher for young wide outs, thought he was too good for a bad team. These are grown ass men- took a man at his word - he lied that is not on the Bills Traded a 3rd for Benjamin = Benjamin getting hurt 2nd game here (knees were questioned as soon as trade went down, have always been an issue for him).Your not going to get a Benjamin talent in the third round. Blew his ACL in 2015 knees havent always been a concern his hamstrings have been a little problem. This is a good signing again provided you add an actual NFL passer. This team added picks while making the playoffs. Kudos to everyone involved who missed Dareus? Who missed Watkins ? I'll stop there I didn't miss any of them- never thought about them