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  1. I have nothing to say, but is time for me to start upping my post count.
  2. with that, I shall quote DC Tom "You're an Idiot"
  3. what you read made the writer a hater. Therefore, the title of the thread.
  4. Non sarcastic version! Lawson and Murphy will combine for 15+ sacks. Jones will have 75 reception, 900 yards, 8 TD
  5. I want Teller to step up, and beat out the others for the starting guard! If he is going to have that hair like he is a biker bad ass, then he needs to be one.
  6. I am all in on Oliver at 9. If he is gone, then the best d lineman on the board. If there is one thing I cannot stand is someone running on us like New England did in that second game last year. A good TE or WR will be available in round two.
  7. Do not worry about those naysayers, most of us enjoy hearing from you and view of our team from another teams fan.
  8. I would take White here, but I think he will be gone. Anyone on the list except murphy.
  9. Zay Jones will not only be on the roster, but he will lead the team in receptions and touchdowns! You may quote me on this in December. It usually takes until the third year for a WR to hit their stride, welcome to year three.
  10. Soft means I was not invited, hopefully the oil will be the correct temp. by Monday.
  11. They did a soft opening tonight. The Grand Opening will be Monday March 4th 2019.
  12. you should visit, Frederick was on someones top ten small towns in America list. 65k people, 40miles to Baltimore, 40 Miles to DC. Nice San Antonio style canal walk, several breweries, nearby wineries, a new distillery. Great place for a one night excursion.
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