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  1. Tua will be the next Patrick Mahomes. We had to deal with Tom Brady for 20 Years. We will have to deal with Tua for the next 15. He's a quality person with great parents and a quality football player. To compare him to Johnny Manziel is totally disrespectful. The Dolphins will win the Super Bowl in the next 3 to five years. The college game allows the QB's to take more punishment. Injuries won't be a problem for him, and Brian Flores is a no nonsense coach.
  2. Good point. I was thinking he'd drop further down in the draft because of his injury. He's gonna need to sit out an entire year. He may fall to the middle or end of the first round.
  3. I understand. I just don't believe in Allen as a top QB. I think he is definitely a starter. I don't think he is elite and Tua will drop in the draft. Jimmy Johnson drafted a QB after he had Troy Aikman. The Redskins drafted RG III and Kirt Cousins.
  4. Ok. It may be too soon. However, I think Tua is a better player and will be a better fit. No disrespect to Josh. This Tua kid is the next Mahomes. Remember this in two years. I said it first. Not a troll. I know what I'm talking about. But you have the right to you opinion.
  5. Is it ridiculous because? I think Tua is the truth and a talent like that should be taken. QB is the toughest position in sports to fill in professional sports and if you feel one is elite, then go for it. Technically you are technically correct on a technicality.
  6. Before everyone gets all in their feelings, I wonder if Josh Allen is really a franchise QB. He has major accuracy issues and he makes bad decisions. I believe the Bills should cut bait and do everything they can to draft Tua. I believe Tua is another Patrick Mahomes. He has superstar written all over him and I think the Bills are going to be "spinning their wheels" on a project. Tua is the best QB in the draft and the best QB prospect in years. I hope I am wrong, but Only time will tell.
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