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  1. My speculation on Josh's long ball misses: After throwing too many INT's in the first four games, it appeared to me that Josh was consistently throwing on the safe side of the receiver. I think his new-found aversion to INT's lead to him placing the ball were it's either caught or it hits the ground. I don't recall many long balls in the last 3/4 of the season that were at risk of being picked off. I hope he trusts himself on the long ball next year and I would trade a few long ball INT's (which aren't much worse than a punt) for some more explosive plays on offense.
  2. That was a great throw, with Duke in great position for catch. Unfortunately, the DB also made a great play pulling Duke's arm down before he could secure the catch. In my opinion, Allen, Duke and the defender all did their job on this play. Sometimes their guys make plays too.
  3. So,.... it’s really a 41-second play clock?!? I didn’t know that before today.
  4. I was at the game. His daughter sang beautifully. I was too drunk to notice when Lorax was pulled.
  5. I know there's a layer of sarcasm in your comments, but I've been completely irrational this year feeling like every week of the season is the most important game of the year. I know that I felt it Week 1 against the Jets, Week 5 against the Titans, on Thanksgiving in Dallas and this week in Pittsburgh. It's fun watching meaningful football again after what feels like 20 years of exhibition games. We are likely locked into the number 5 seed, so our playoff spot isn't moving unless we beat the Pats* and get some help from Fitzmagic. I would much rather lose this game and outlast the Patriots* in the playoffs than the other way around. However, we are all ready to knock off the Patriots and own the AFC East. To walk into the Razor and walk out with a hard-fought W puts an exclamation point on the statement that the Bills are for real.
  6. He won every off-season too. What ever happened to our back-to-back off-season championship banners?
  7. Our covert operations department is simply not keeping up with the Patriots**. Until we begin illegally filming opponents, interfering with our opponent's radio communications, bugging dressing rooms, searching hotel garbage bins for game plans, interchanging eligible and ineligible receivers, and deflating footballs, we aren't even trying to win the division.
  8. The question is how many minutes until the tickets are gone.
  9. I agree with your point about parity in college football. The predictable blowouts get boring week after week. You’re right about the driver being money, but I wish there was a better way. I would enjoy a relegation system like European soccer. There could be three geographic regions: East, Central and West. Each region would have tiers with 12 teams in each tier, so each team could play every divisional opponent once per season. Each year, two teams move up and two teams move down. The playoffs could have eight teams, with two from each conference and two wild card teams. Every game would match 2 of the top 36 teams in every week of the season. The barrier to this is money, but with more entertaining football, the viewership should grow, growing the overall revenue stream. i think college players would be better prepared for the NFL by playing against real competition every week. I know this will never happen because the redistribution off wealth would be an impossible negotiation.
  10. I don’t want to derail your thread, Virgil, because It’s a well-thought look-ahead to the offseason. I can’t tell you just how happy I am that we have meaningful football through December and into January. After many years of concerns that late-season wins would ruin our draft position and discussions like the one you are facilitating now, it’s really nice to only want more wins as we prepare for a playoff run. Anyway, back to your constructive conversation on the 2020 offseason.
  11. Don’t forget about Houston beating the flue-riddled Patriots. I know it’s a long-shot, but winning the division would be awesome with a home game and a bye.
  12. I am in favor of using reviews to get the call right. In fact, I would support making everything reviewable with a coaches challenge, as long as the coaches are limited to 2 or 3 challenges per game. I don't really like the automatic reviews for TD's and turnovers, as the judicious use of challenges should be part of the coach's decision-making process. I can't stand the calls still being wrong after video review. This is what is driving people crazy. Everyone understood that the purpose of video replay was to get the important game-changing calls right. Instead, Riveron is using this as a forum to demonstrate to his officials that he has their back, no matter what. The PI reviews this season are a joke and coaches have stopped challenging, because the standard for overturn is different than every other challenge. Riveron has become the second most hated member of the NFL Corporate Structure (behind Goodell) and I look forward to him moving on from this role.
  13. Vontae Davis Parking Lot Temper Tantrum This video of Vontae in the parking lot is not that of a man who has rationally concluded that it was time to retire. The scripted messages that came out after the fact paint a much rosier picture than it really was.
  14. Remember the good ole days (early Sept), when our biggest problem was our punter. Ahhhh, if only we could go back there.
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