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  1. I’ve seen a few posts predicting that WR’s will be traded. While it’s clear to see that some receivers on last year’s roster won’t make the team, many teams have added WR’s in this draft that was so deep in receivers. It’s just a position that will be in over supply this year, making it a hard to trade position. Beane will trade one of our surplus O-linemen again as we have plenty of depth, while other teams are always looking for help there. On defence, it’s a tougher call. I don’t think that Murphy gets traded, as he seemed to get better later in the last season, but we have plenty of depth on the D-line, so this seems like the position group that’s most likely.
  2. I’m more optimist for Knox. He was very good with contested catches where his only goal was to catch the ball, but struggled when he was open and looking to run after the catch. It appeared to me that he took his eyes off the ball to plan his next move, leading to unnecessary drops. I think this can be corrected. TE’s have so much to learn to master the position with both blocking and receiving responsibilities. I expect Knox to improve again this year, with him really turning heads in year three.
  3. The Bills are a collection of good players, but without the superstars. For defense, I would argue that the 11th best player on the field has a greater impact on your team's success then the impact of the best player. The weak link is consistently exploited by opposing offenses who game plan away from your talented players. On offense, you could make the same argument for offensive lines, where the weak link is attacked relentlessly. Most teams have bigger holes than the Bills and players who don't belong on an NFL field affect the game more than the superstars do. Show me a ranking of each team's weakest starter and I would expect the Bills to be at or near the top. This is why the Bills starting to win with consistency.
  4. You know the Patriots will be the first to exploit this rule, hiring a black GM and head coach. Of course, Bill Belichick will remain on the staff as Asst HC and Asst GM “for continuity reasons only.”
  5. I will enjoy watching the Evil Empire crumble. In response to some comments related to New York teams... in addition to the obvious big market reasons, the Jets and Giants also share a stadium so the Prime Time games give some extra scheduling flexibility for Met Life stadium.
  6. I knew it was a trap and I clicked it anyway. I never knew Andy Dalton could sing!!
  7. The ridiculous standard for overturn is what killed this rule. If the standard was "get the call right" it would have been more successful than "change the call only if the official royally screwed up and you don't want to be his friend any more."
  8. It's probably a good idea. It's really hard so say "I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!" while social distancing.
  9. This reminds me... what ever happened to the Spygate 2 investigation and punishment?!?
  10. I came in here to say, "No", but somebody... well, everybody stole my answer. I loved Shady while he was great - he was always prone to the negative play but he broke enough big plays to make a difference. In his last year with us, he still had lots of negative plays without the big plays to make it worth it.
  11. For the 20 years before Beane arrived, we would have been more successful using the media mock drafts instead of having a scouting department. I don't know who the pick is, but in Beane we trust. We will have two more quality football players on our team before the day is done.
  12. I think there is enough evidence to take away their first round pick for the next five years.
  13. The throwback on the right looks awesome!! The rest are just garbage.
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