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  1. Two things struck me from this video: 1. Our offence against Miami had multiple open receivers on many of the plays. 2. The biggest criticism of Josh was that he hit the checkdown on a couple of plays when a receiver was open further down field. Each of those checkdowns turned into 20-yd gains with the YAC. (Yes - I'm ignoring the Knox fumble at the end of one) This collection of receivers, combined with Daboll's play design and Josh play at the next level is setting up to be the most exciting Bill's offence that I've had the chance to watch. I missed the Superbowl teams of the 90's, so there wasn't much competition.
  2. No matter which combo we pick, we'll look better than the new Rams uniforms. Woof!
  3. It's the emotional roller coaster that makes being a football fan so much fun. After being stuck on the track in a broken coaster for so many years, it's time to enjoy the ride again!!! GO BILLS!!!
  4. I was just about to make the same point. Green Bay has been a permanent fixture near the top of the NFL world, with back-to-back franchise QB's (Favre and Rodgers) in my years of fandom. There are no bandwagon jumpers in Bill's Mafia today... although they may be joining us soon.
  5. I think it’s CB. Levi gives 100%, but he’s the weakest link in a strong secondary.
  6. I was pro-Duke a year ago because he brought something no one else in the WR room did - a big-bodied receiver who could make contested catches. I like this type of receiver in the red zone, where the spaces get tighter. This year, both rookies offer big frames while having more speed and better separation from defenders. I appreciate how aggressively Duke fights for the football, but the competition for WR5&6 is tougher now than it was for WR 2&3 a few years ago. I just don’t think there’s room for him on this year’s roster.
  7. If all of our offseason comments need to be grounded in facts and reality, there is very little to talk about here. Looking back, Vinatieri and Gostkowski have been great. Also looking back, Beane has hit on a high percentage of his picks, so my bias is to believe in who he picks until proven otherwise. Today, I believe Bass is our kicker for the next 15 years.
  8. I believe this belongs in the "Unpopular Bills Takes" thread. ? If you really think about it, most of our conversations should be in the "Unpopular Bills Takes" thread. ☺️
  9. Remember the good old days where we had a great punter but nothing else... that was great. ?
  10. I stand corrected. Thanks. I will now return to the park and resume yelling at clouds. ?
  11. I agree with what you're saying, but the should have been dropped when the blood test showed no evidence of intoxicating substances. There should have been no need for a judge to rule that the charges were unfounded.
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