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  1. Funny, I thought this was going to be a thread about trading away the players who don’t make the final 53 with the Bills to teams who would trade day-3 picks in return. Instead, it was an actual garage sale thread.
  2. I’m worried that our team has improved so much that I will be disappointed when we make the playoffs as a wildcard team instead of winning the division with a bye and a home playoff game.
  3. This looks like the best five on the field to me. When we signed Spain in free agency, I checked out the Titans board to see their response. They weren't really sad to see Spain go.
  4. This has me excited. There were two many games where teams ran it down our throats last year and Edmunds choosing the right gap will go a long way toward correcting this. We already know our pass defense is very strong... if our run game is strong like it appeared last night, this defense will be elite.
  5. Move to Canada and get DAZN. Every NFL Game (live or delayed) and European Premiere Soccer (plus some sports I don't watch) for $150 Cdn per year. If you only watch NFL, $20/month might be better. We are nice people here, I think you'd like us.
  6. This is a very rational, well thought out response. You may be living up to your profile name.
  7. Thanks to three injuries to the guys above him, he got a lot of reps for a 7th round draft pick. It sounds like he made the most of his opportunity. I'm looking forward to seeing him with my own eyes tomorrow night. I'm still higher on Knox than Sweeney as he is significantly faster and he was playing well up until the injury. In addition to his own routes, his speed will help with down field blocking as well.
  8. Realistically, there isn’t room for both the Jets and the Bills in the playoffs. Assuming the Patriots continue their reign of dominating the AFC East, it’s unlikely that both AFC wildcards come from the same division. The winner of this game is much better positioned than the other for a wildcard spot. The fanbase of the losing team of this game will be hurting after this game as both fan bases view this as a winnable game.
  9. That is a different scenario than I had in mind. Thanks for the clarification. I’m sure the players are tired of practice and ready for some real football by now.
  10. I like the habit of taking a shot when the defense jumps offside, even in practice. You want the WR’s to develop the habit to run the full route every time, even on a flagged play.
  11. After thoroughly scouting a 5-min highlight reel, I thought Duke would be our 5th receiver. Unfortunately, he hasn’t made many headlines so far, so I have to admit that he feels like a long shot now to make the roster. He could hang on to the practice squad, it’s probably between him and Sills for that spot. I may also have to accept that my scouting methods have let me down. Next year, no less than 7-min highlight reels before forming an opinion. 😎
  12. Met Life Stadium Standings after Week 2... W-L Bills 2-0 Giants 0-1 Jets 0-2
  13. I agree with the OP if you define the weakest link as the weakest player on the field. The weakest player on defence gets targeted more than any other player and likely has a greater effect on the game than the strongest defender who is avoided. The weakest member of the O-Line will be targeted in the pass rush. Weak receivers can be shut down in single coverage by average defenders leaving double coverage for the top receiving threats. When comparing the top-heavy Whaley rosters with a deep and balanced roster (like I think we are building here), I believe the deep and balanced rosters are more successful.
  14. I’m happy to Singletary’s high pass blocking grade. I wasn’t expecting to see that.
  15. I wanted to like the Browns after so many years of struggling. However... The personality of the Browns' players are wearing on me... between the cockyness of Mayfield and the me-first attitude of OBJ, I find it really hard to like this team. Just another team to add to my hate list, topped by the Pats*.
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