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  1. Can you please put another "o" in your headline "to." It makes me nuts.
  2. I actually think Blackshear looks alot like Thurman Thomas, more so than Cook does.
  3. Thank you. Would never have guessed that... Thank you
  4. Thanks for thinking of me in another useless thread. At least this poster had a question.
  5. I'd like to point out that over 1000 people have viewed this post and each probably wasted at least a minute of their lives. That's approximately 1200 minutes or 20 hours of human existence utterly wasted on a useless post. I'm trying to prevent further needless waste. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
  6. Jealous, lol? Um no. I've been to 2 Bills Superbowls. But I'm not jumping on TBD creating a post to tell everyone. Even if we did make it to the Superbowl again, I doubt that every single fan that got a ticket would find it necessary to create their own individual post about it.
  7. By the same logic you should probably realize you are free not to read my response or care about it or respond to it? He can be as excited as he wants. He can run up and down the street high-fiving everyone in his neighborhood. My point is he didn't need to create a post to state that he bought tickets. He didn't ask one question. Just stated that he bought tickets. The Two Bills Drive chat room would have been a much more appropriate venue to get his pats on the back.
  8. He could share his excitement with his friends or family. Or like I said go to the TBD chat room. To create a post about receiving Bills tickets is kind of pointless. He didn't even ask a question. He just said I bought Bills tickets, look at me, and let me post about it. By your logic every single poster should do the same. Or even post that they just bought a new car or got a cat. They're exciting too. Silly.
  9. What have I said in my post that is deliberately inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive? I merely stated that I bought tickets to a Bills game which is every posters duty. How is that disruptive?
  10. Never been to a preseason away game…still debating whether or not to hit the town the night before, as I am not in possession of a Kevlar vest…😉
  11. So you're saying every Bills fan should create individual posts stating that they just bought Bills tickets? That's what you think should happen? That is beyond ridiculous. How about take it to the chat room. This is a useless and needless post.
  12. Why do we need to know this? You really had to create a new post stating you bought tickets to see the Bills? So should everyone do the same?
  13. I could care less if the Bills beat teams at their very best. The objective is to win the Superbowl. That is ultimately what matters in the NFL. Game 1 was extremely important last year. If we had won it we would have had home field against Kansas City in the playoffs. Would the players be upset if they had won it because Roethlisberger was unable to play? Or is it more important for their "honor" that they beat every team at their very best? Do you think there's asterisks beside every Superbowl Champion about how they didn't beat everyone at full strength? It doesn't matter one iota. The players want to win the Superbowl. If Cincinnati would have won the Superbowl last year do you think the players and fans would be saying "yeah but it really doesn't count because Odell Beckham got hurt?" Players don't wish serious injury on anyone... And they may feign that they want to "beat the best"... but in reality, they just want to be holding the trophy at the end of the year.
  14. Like how do you do it? Seriously. Do you not sleep? Not work? How is it possible to constantly be on this board and posting things before anyone else? Do you have supercomputers scanning the web and dark web? How do you remember you posted about Trevor Penning 4 months ago? I can barely remember yesterday. I'm legitimately curious. Is this your entire life? Do you live on your computer constantly searching? Are you connected to Ultron or Skynet? What's the secret? I'm not complaining mind you because I look most forward to reading things you post, I'm just curious how you're able to do it.
  15. It's amazing to me that Jim Kelly and Hunter were both born on Valentine's Day. 37 years apart. And that Hunter would be 25 now.
  16. Useless and pointless thread. Let's post every single conjecture thread possible.
  17. I did long ago. Makes the TBD experience much more enjoyable. Don't have to read nonsense or be aggravated needlessly. I come here to hear from knowledgeable posters, not to have my mood ruined by trolls.
  18. Hence why he's blocked. Makes my day reading TBD much more enjoyable. Don't have to read nonsense. You should try it.
  19. Technically the animal on our uniforms is a bison and not a buffalo. There are no buffalo in the United States. The two animals aren't even closely related. Buffalo are native to Africa and Asia. Bison are native to Europe and the America's.
  20. Each new day actually starts in Greenwich, England which is 5 hours ahead of us.
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