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  1. What the hell....You didn't think to let the rest of us know.... I would've subscribed long ago.
  2. I agree. I don't want either team to trade for Watson. Nor do I want either team trading down and acquiring a ridiculous amount of draft capital. I'd prefer them both to stay put and pick.
  3. That was an amazing evaluation. I actually even subscribed to him I was so impressed. Very knowledgeable and informative.
  4. I've gone to 2 Bills Superbowls. Both Dallas games. One in Pasadena and one in Atlanta. For Pasadena I paid $600. In Atlanta I couldn't find tickets and had all but given up. I began walking the streets of Atlanta and a kid approached me and asked me if I wanted to buy his workers pass. I wasn't sure if it was legit but it had the hologram. I paid him $200 and went back to the stadium. With all of my Bills gear on I was allowed through the employees entrance and proceeded under the stadium, past the locker rooms and wound my way upstairs. I had to stand in a tunnel entrance for the entire game and didn't get the complementary seat cushion but I got to watch the game.
  5. So what happens if they do limit the seats and your seats aren't included in the ones that make the cut? You get face value for them? Or nothing in return because they're not actually your tickets? Or are the tickets that are for sale definitely going to be able to be used?
  6. This is probably true and would be amazing if the Bills did it. You bite the bullet a little in the beginning and then pray he stays healthy and maintains his upward trajectory.
  7. And we could possibly be the "Beautiful River Boys" or "Beautiful River Brotherhood."
  8. Just like the name of our city isn't derived from the animal that we proudly display on our teams helmet. No buffalo are native to the Americas. The picture is actually of a bison. The only problem is, no bison ever inhabited this area either. The name of our city and our team is actually derived from the French phrase "Beau Fleuve," meaning beautiful river. So our team should maybe be the "Beautiful River Bills."
  9. Um, Mafia is DERIVED from mafiusu in SICILY. Mafiusu means swagger. Mafia does not. Last I checked this is America and not Sicily. And in America it means an organized body of criminals having a complex and ruthless behavioral code. Or an organized group using extortion and other criminal methods. Do you think the rest of the country equates Mafia to swagger or to a criminal organization that used intimidation and murder as a means to an end?
  10. I'm not being dramatic. Trying to be a realist. Brady did it. Some posters on this board said they'd do it. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that Josh Allen could do it. Or even that free agents might do it because of certain circumstances such as being part of a winning franchise.
  11. Like I said before, so if they can't sign a Daryl Williams and Josh gets hurt and his career is cut short, how is that better for him or his team. If the Bills aren't able to retain Diggs and Josh Allen and the team suffers, how is that better? If the Bills don't go to the Superbowl and Josh and teammates loses millions in endorsements, how is that better? Everything isn't black and white. There are a million extenuating circumstances that make this not so cut and dry.
  12. Ugh, I love the Combine. NFL changes 2021 scouting combine format because of COVID-19 pandemic https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30738093/nfl-changes-combine-format-due-covid-19-centralized-event-held-indianapolis
  13. I'm not talking about the Bills trying to short change him... I'm asking if Josh would voluntarily take a team friendly deal to improve his teams chance for success? Say they don't have the money to sign a Daryl Williams and Josh is injured and his career is cut short. How is that better for him or the team?
  14. I don't see this happening. Anything is possible but once again, I don't think it's in a Josh's DNA. He has character, integrity, loyalty. He likes this area. He appreciates what the team did for him. Even what the fans did in memory of his grandmother will have lasting effect. Sure he's from California, but he's from a small town. He's not living in San Diego or Napa Valley. His girlfriend and him grew up in Firebaugh and attended Firebaugh High school together. He is a farmer and will always be a farmer.
  15. I understood and agreed with the rest. I didn't think I had to respond, lol. I'm not trying to be confrontational. I realize we finally have a franchise QB and should and will pay him what he's worth or what he wants. I know the Bills and Beane will do everything in their power to have Allen retire as a Bill. My question is whether or not Josh, of his own volition would agree to take less for the benefit of the franchise.
  16. Um, Brady is currently the 11th longest tenured player in history. He is a Quarterback, the position that earns the highest salary on the team. 8 of the other players were kickers. One was Jerry Rice. One was George Blanda. And one was Brett Favre. Those other players played when the salaries were far lower. The comparison is hardly equal. This is exactly my thinking.
  17. He will be extremely wealthy regardless. I mean seriously, when is enough enough? If you just won Powerball for 350 million you'd be pretty happy and pretty wealthy. Would you be mad you didn't win 400 or 450 million?
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