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  2. Winters has had trouble staying healthy and availability especially for OL is very important attribute. If he was a flex OT who was only playing to substitute it would be different. Aug 6, 2020: Buffalo Bills signed G Brian Winters to a one-year, $3 million contract. Aug 3, 2020: New York Jets cut G Brian Winters. Nov 12, 2019: New York Jets placed G Brian Winters on IR. Dec 27, 2017: New York Jets placed G Brian Winters on IR. Jan 16, 2017: New York Jets re-signed G Brian Winters to a four-year contract extension. Very strange - 4 year contract extension after being put on IR 3 weeks earlier Dec 21, 2016: New York Jets placed G Brian Winters on IR. Oct 13, 2014: New York Jets placed G Brian Winters on IR. May 9, 2013: New York Jets agreed to terms with OL Brian Winters on a four-year contract.
  3. There must be billions and billions of these flat earth idiots!!
  4. Flat earthers will need about 40 IQ points to even understand that video.
  5. He wasn’t asked for an explanation though. He was asked his thoughts on what’s going on. His answer was a profession of faith (quoting the Bible). The interviewer wanted him to relate it to his insensitive comment (as do many of the posters here - which please know I don’t condemn at all.). But if you go into a conversation expecting to receive a specific answer, ask question(s) that direct the conversation. Don’t condemn a guy for answering a general question with a faith-based answer (not directed towards you, Gunner)... Is that really where you want to be when Jesus returns? 😉
  6. I respect an act of faith. But it isn't enough on its own to be an explanation. Which is what Jake sought to use it as. I have muslim friends, jewish friends, my best friend is a devout catholic. I always respect the faith of others - but I also always expect them to do more than lazily throw out the 'God card' when they are taking a position on something.
  7. Once again you post something that clearly is not backing up your claims.
  8. Not everyone understands a kippah or hijab, yet how much less significant does it make it to the person wearing it? Personal acts of faith (non-violent of course) don’t need to meet the expectations of people. Quoting Jesus whether a person agrees or not is an act of faith. It should be respected.
  9. I get it, any news you don't like is 'fake news'. Such simpleminded thinking.
  10. If the big conferences still play their conference games, it could still cause some problems but if the networks are looking to ante up more cash to the NFL, I can see something like this happening. More nationally televised games on Saturday would be great.
  11. Fromm is one of our guys. Let me tell you, he is a good person. Good teammate and the type of guy we should all be rooting for. Name calling someone should never be tolerated. I don’t share Fromm’s religious beliefs, but I also know he has the right to believe them. Way to take a simple sentence and try to turn it into something. Give your own the benefit of the doubt, and stop connecting dots that aren’t there.
  12. I work on Saturdays as well but with my bar likely closed may not make a difference since I may not see any games unless nationally televised.
  13. I usually get a few copies as head of a Buffalo Bills Backers group due to size of our group. I wonder if they are going to mail this year.
  14. But you understand that someone who is not religious isn't going to see it that way, right?
  15. He was asked his thoughts on what was going on in the country. He gave what he felt was a solution rather than belabor any narrative. He’s apologized already. Maybe we could all take a page from the ol’ Biblical playbook and practice forgiveness. And to the bolded part above, declaring a stupid comment as an act of “hatred” instead of youthful stupidity is gross. And lastly he gave you the application of the scripture when he profusely apologized. You missed it because you were too focused on his answer to a completely different question.
  16. For me, it feels like I won't get excited until final cuts.
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