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  2. I don't personally see any reason to keep Ray Ray. There's not really even a Ray Ray/McKenzie competition in my mind. Everything Ray Ray does, McKenzie does better. I'm not a Williams guy myself, but wouldn't have a problem if they found a way to keep him and see what happens. The one thing they could do to make me angry is to keep Ray Ray and dump McKenzie.
  3. This thread is great. I was always the Chiefs - Christian Okoye forever.
  4. China could overwhelm US military in Asia in hours, Australian report says https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/20/asia/australia-china-us-military-report-intl-hnk/index.html
  5. A bunch of QB’s -Kelly, Marino, Elway, Moon, Aikman, etc. formed the group for a specific video game where they received royalties. I don’t recall that they had to leave the NFLPA to do it, though they may have had to. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFL_Quarterback_Club IIRC, they marketed other things to, like figurines.
  6. Totally. It's got to be McKenzie. The sad reality for seemingly everyone is that Duke is probably getting cut. Most realistic scenario seems to be Zay, Foster, and McKenzie stay, while Duke and Ray Ray get cut. Here's hoping Duke uses these next two games to make it impossible. Preseason whatever, his TD was beautiful and nobody else on the roster is making that catch.
  7. 😳 To drink from the keg of glory? For a massage? For a sacrifice??
  8. I think it’s because QB Fighting slugs was too long and wouldn’t make sense?
  9. I think it makes far more sense than throwing a 2nd round pick to the curb, especially one that that this entire regime from Pegula on down has backed numerous times. Zay is going to get three years to prove himself. I like Robert Foster a lot, but to assume that he's safe and Zay Jones isn't, especially when Zay was still our leading wide receiver last year despite all of the late season Foster hype, it just doesn't make sense to me. I'd love to keep them all, plus McKenzie. Good problem to have, I guess, but I think people are overrating Foster if they think he's a lock. A UDFA with under 600 career yards that can't shine in preseason isn't a lock now that there's depth.
  10. All I know is Darr and Schmidt were the 2 worst punters in the league last year. Bojo and Carter don't do much for me so McD better have a plan B?
  11. Is it men’s or women’s? How are they handling the shuttlecock?
  12. [This topic being discussed in another thread]
  13. If we definitely don't want to use him this year. You have to put him in the 10 if you want the option to elevate him to the 53
  14. This case sounds intriguing. All we’ll need are six 78-83 year old women on the jury. Slam dunk. We’ll take Plenz for everything he’s got.
  15. Today
  16. Yes...I mean what an icebreaker! Something different than the usual dinner date. May help win her over for originality! The trip before dusk sounds more appealing for the romantic.
  17. I’m more disgusted with John Murphy. I listened to the game on SiriusXM. After all those years with Van, ya’d think some of it would have rubbed off and sunk in. I had no idea how much time was left nor where the yardlines were before plays and after any gains. He’s such a dud. No concept that he must paint the picture with his voice. He sounds like a dumbass hick watching the game with his bowling buddies. I feel for ya, WNY.
  18. The comments at The Hill always sound like a bunch of lunatics baying at a full moon.
  19. Augie

    2nd date ideas

    I am FULLY aware this is TMI, but if you put anything in, there’s a VERY good chance it will want to come out, and soon. Without mercy. Just sayin’....... 😳
  20. It is fun! They go early morning and just before dusk. Amazing view from them, both below and around you with other balloons. The pilots break open a bottle of champagne 🥂 & orange juice for mimosas after landing. There’s porta potty’s on the airfield. Go before ya fly.
  21. It is good to see Jim doing well and hopefully getting better and better. I think he is genuinely psyched about the team this year. I know I am!
  22. There was a Balloon in Niagara Falls a few years back. Heck of a way to get acquainted...not too many barriers at altitude!
  23. Augie

    2nd date ideas

    No more hot air than HERE! I took 6 years of French growing up. Started an on line Duolingo class and quickly got back to what they called 35% fluent. Realized I’d still never use it, so I quit. Have a trip to Spain/Portugal in a couple weeks, so I started a little quick Spanish. I look at these balloons and ask “donde esta el bano?” Where is the bathroom? A critical concern I have at all times. Sounds like fun, but I have reservations!
  24. Goddammit I'm hungry. For food unavailable in Seattle. Eff.
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