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  2. I would have taken that game if it was in Buffalo, It is in Dallas and on Thanksgiving. Usually the home teams are dominant on that day. Yes. Especially 3 of the 5 are on the road (@Dallas, @Steelers, @Patriots)
  3. Am worried about OBJ. He has not been able to connect with Baker Mayfield, a lot more accurate QB than Allen.
  4. That 19% win rate isn't specific to double teams, it's both single and double. It's his win rate within 2.5s of snap on pass plays whether double or single. Still 19% win rate in comparison to his peers is very, very good. Donald obviously get's doubled the most and has the highest win rate.
  5. I thought it was extremely classy. McDermott is a top class individual.
  6. Id do that for sure Wouldn't mind a pass rusher either but dont want to break the bank either. Beane would be the Wizard if he pulled this off, like your enthusiasm though
  7. Should be doable and even if we don't i fully expect to be in the playoffs. Cant wait till every year will be a playoff year like back in the 90s
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  9. McDermott from day one has been about the brotherhood of football, it s militarily like , like band of brothers. All part of the process. So Gruden is mean to family?
  10. Can't win em all. Not a great 2/3 but let's see how they respond.
  11. Equally, though ... why? Your expectation is actually a guess. And a very optimistic one. Nothing wrong with that, except confusing guesses with something that should happen. It could happen. The odds are well against it. Yeah, a much more reasonable guess.
  12. Actually, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t care less.
  13. He deserves a SB ring before he calls it quits..
  14. *sigh* Trump has raised more than any individual Democrat by far because it's a numbers game. One Republican vs 20 or so Democrats. The 20 or so Democrats outraised Trump. That is fact. Look it up. The finger pointing at cash on hand seems to be a big deal and, frankly, I don't know why. Once the Democratic nominee is sifted out, he/she will get an inundation of money. There are pro Democrat organisations like Actblue that I referenced before that have already raised TONS of money to be used in the upcoming election. But aside from the money obsession, Democrats will get its voters to coalesce around one candidate. This time Democrats will go out and vote for the Democratic candidate rather than stay home or vote for a 3rd party candidate (which was what happened in 2016... BY FAR the highest number of 3rd party votes in history... like 3+ million more than EVER happened) because they saw what it did in 2016. And the majority of Independents will join because the majority of Independents, at this point, want Trump impeached and removed from office. I don't give a dime to political candidates and I absolutely shudder any time ANY political commercial comes on TV. The ads don't influence me at all. Do you think I'm alone? What do you think Trump's money will accomplish? The country leans more left than it does right at this point. Trump is in office thanks to a perfect storm. Maybe you should ask yourself who really has the blind spot as to what is happening in this country.
  15. Lorax is the spirit of the Bills D. He also gives one of the better player interviews. Goes 110% in everything. Inspiring really.
  16. I turned it on with this score and wanted to watch them coast, myself.............At that point, the goal was scored and called back. Only to be scored again, and they got dominated. I heard the 18 minutes I missed were good, though!
  17. No wonder McDole got traded when he had so much tread left on the tires. In that picture, he is 31 or less - and he looks like a middle aged man.
  18. I think he hurt at home against New England Or possibly before. I noticed that he seemed fine when he was running routes, but seem to walk and jog gingerly between plays.
  19. well, we will see if that is how other teams play against them now..
  20. The last 5 games will be a challenge though.
  21. The "girlfriend" was another girlfriend of her boyfriend who borrowed her car and she was attacked when she went to get it.
  22. I could see them keeping Spain a bit longer.. They have money to spend and he is at worst quality depth if not competing to start.. Totally speculating here but could be resign for 3 years say $12 Mil with $6Mil guaranteed? His market was not strong last year... Long would be ( long) gone in this scenario though..
  23. Duke said that Zay taught him a lot about the game so Zay was contributing if not always on the field.
  24. People are simply pointing out to you that if (BIG if) contributions equal enthusiasm, the Rs are beating the snot out of the Ds. @Deranged Rhino linked to a CNBC article - a media outlet that is traditionally lefty leaning. That article, in turn, leads to the financial filings. At this point, it is quite clear the Rs have a lot more money raised, and on hand, than the Ds. Does that mean much of anything at the polls? For local races it will. For the Presidential race? Who knows. President Trump beat Hillary Clinton without spending the amount of cash she did. Will he out raise the D candidate for the 2020 race? Magic 8 ball says "signs point to yes"... but also "it is not certain". His donations are small, not corporate. Will corporations donate equally to both candidates? Will they favor the Ds? That we will need to wait and see. You are so busy attempting to be right, you are either being disingenuous or you have a real blind spot as to what is happening in this country. "The little people" have had it with being told by their "betters" what to do. Those R donations? Those donations to President Trump? Look at how many are from "the little people", and note it. We shall see in 2020 if those translated to votes.
  25. Information on his contract was posted earlier.
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