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NFL Scouting Combine 2024


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17 minutes ago, OldTimer1960 said:

I like Baker, but would 60 be too high?  I suspect so, but he won’t be available at 99.


It would be a tad high. If they haven't taken a WR round 1 though they might need a small reach.

1 minute ago, OldTimer1960 said:

Now, 4.39 for Legette is impressive!


I never had any doubt he was a sub 4.4 guy. The evidence was there IMO. 


That time for Mitchell is super impressive. 

With his jumps as well Legette's RAS is gonna come out pretty sweet I reckon.

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12 minutes ago, gonzo1105 said:

I had McConkey at # 5 in my WR rankings and I feel better about that now. Mitchell’s tape doesn’t look 4.35 but gotta respect it from a guy his size


Agree on Mitchell. 


I remain a McConkey sceptic.

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Greg Cosell likes Mitchell a lot. I trust his opinion. I'd be happy with him to add an explosive element to the Offense.

Is Legette's 4.39 2nd time official? If so, he just (re)made millions of dollars his first time lost him.

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23 minutes ago, gonzo1105 said:

No he didn’t haha he’s a 2nd round guy even with that time. He’s almost 6’4 215 pounds he has like 20 to 40 pounds on most of these guys of course he’s going to run slower 

unless you are megatron. 6’5 239 4.35

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Posted (edited)

WR 40 Yard Dash Times (Group 1)

(sorry it’s not as complete as my others, I missed most of the first group running live)

Javon Baker: 4.54


Jermaine Burton: 4.46


Keon Coleman: 4.62


Jalen Coker: 4.54


Jacob Cowing: 4.39


Ryan Flournoy: 4.44


Anthony Gould. 4.40 4.41


Lideatrick Griffin: 4.45 4.44


Troy Franklin: 4.41, X


Jhaquan Jackson: 4.54 4.42


Xavier Leggette: 4.39


Luke McCaffrey: 4.47, 4.5


Ladd McConkey: 4.43, 4.4


Jalen McMillan: 4.49, 4.48


Bub Means: 4.49, 4.43


AD Mitchell, 4.35, X



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