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Evolution of your opinions

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I figured 3 Hopkins threads were enough so I thought a different thread might be fun.


Is their an opinion that you have changed or evolved over a period of time? 


Mine involves positions worthy of a first round pick. I defended teams like the Colts taking a probable HOF guard with a top 10 pick in the past and at the time. Many others said it was crazy to take a guard that high. Same with TE when I wanted Hockenson over Oliver. 


In a relatively short period of time I've changed my thought.  Even if a player ends up a ProBowl level talent there are just so many positions that don't matter enough to warrant a first round pick. For me its a combination of the true value they bring to winning and also the opportunity to get a player at the same position that can play at a high level much later in the draft.


Positions I would take in the first round:

1. QB

2. LT

3. WR

4. DE/edge

5. CB


Positions I might take in the first round:

1. DT

2. TE

3. RT


Positions I would never take in the first round:

1. Obviously K and P

2. LB

3. S

4. RB

5. IOL



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IOL & LB are the positions I’ve probably evolved my opinion on the most. 


IOL.. I would absolutely draft in RD1. 

LB.. I would absolutely NOT draft in RD1. 

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Posted (edited)

Dawson Knox is not good. -> Dawson might have potential -> Dawson is not good, he cant catch, block or run routes. Full circle evolution. Likeable guy, has had a few moments but... Not everyone is, or can be good or great. 


High hopes for Kincaid though.


Paraphrasing Bill Belicheck: If were talking about his ability to catch the ball, (a wr) thats a problem.

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My opinions change all the time based upon updated perspective and simple learning. 

Those who think they know everything never do. 


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7 minutes ago, TBBills Fan said:

Just because the grass isn't green doesn't mean you can piss all over it


Even if it’s covered in snow? That seems unlikely, but you never know. 

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Interesting post topic. Thanks.


My thoughts on going for it on 4th down have changed over time. I  currently believe that if you have an above average offense and your at the 50 yard line or on the other team's side of the field, I would recommend going for it a lot more than when I first started watching and playing football in the late 80s.

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One topic of mine that has involved in the opposite direction is Special Teams. Guys like Tasker made a difference in multiple facets and Special Teams gunners, blockers, and tacklers made a team.


For the life of me, I have come to believe that McDermott believes that every team is required to have a handful of players that do nothing for you. Most of these players are what we call "Special Teams" aces. The Bills have had few of these in actuality, yet they seem required to give a roster spot each year to Taiwan Jones.

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Being that 100 percent of ALL draft picks are for need, and if you truly have a franchise QB, you need to do two things, 1) protect him, 2) give him weapons. Then you draft according to those needs. 

   In this era of the NFL offense is the more important side of the ball, if you can’t out score your opponents, you lose. 

  Do ya hear me Sean? You to Brandon..,





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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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