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Im convinced its coaching (Chiefs showing how to handle Bengals)


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After reading this thread, I took a few minutes.

Pretty much everyone agrees that the offensive line has been in a word "offensive"


In the entire history of the franchise [I was 12 yrs old living in Buffalo in 1960], here are the significant honors earned by Buffalo O-Lineman


Hall of Fame                     

Billy Shaw                         Guard     1961-1969

Joe DeLamielleure           Guard     1973-1979, 1985


All Pro                 


Billy Shaw                           5X          1962, 63, 64, 65, 66

Joe DeLamielleure             3X          1975, 76, 77

Stew Barber                       2X          1963-1964

Kent Hull                             2X          1990,91

Reggie McKenzie               1X           1973 [Thanks to OJ]


Multiple Pro Bowls                        


Billy Shaw                          8X 

Ruben Brown                     8X 

Stew Barber                      5X

Joe DeLamielleure            5X   

Kent Hull                            3X      

House Ballard                    2X          

Jason Peters                     2X          

Jim Ritcher                        2X       


So out of 310 player years [5 players 62 years], we have had 2 Hall of Famers, 13 All-Pro's, and 35 years of players who went to multiple pro-bowls. I didn't count single pro-bowls, cause it's a popularity contest for the most part.


That's an indictment of our scouting department and O-line coaching over almost the entire history of the franchise.  The screwup with Peters is one of the most egregious front office mistakes along with Patulski and Cousineau. 


This is not just coaching, this is scouting and drafting effectively


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