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No trade Mock Drafts


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6 hours ago, LyndonvilleBill said:

At least it leans more offense. 😁






The 1st round EDGE pick shoves a cheap, rotational NFL DE (Lawson or Epenesa), or two (BOTH Lawson AND Epenesa?) off the roster after Miller and Rousseau and Basham. And I guess that's useful if the pick turns into a disruptive pass rusher. 


After securing a franchise QB, it's all about protecting yours and attacking theirs. Hard to get mad at DL or OL picks on day one ever. And in 2023 I'd include a target for JA17 as an acceptable alternative. It's all about helping the QB absolutely thrive.  

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This draft would be predicated on 2 things. Signing Bobby Wagner. And trading Oliver and this years 5th for Jerry Jeudy. I know these things are  unlikely but thought it would be interesting and would have me excited for next year. 

27- Dalton Kincaid TE (Utah)

59 - Steve Avila G (TCU)

91 - Jai’ir Brown S ( Penn State)

130 - Moro Ojomo DL (Texas)

204 - Jake Andrews C ( Troy)




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This no-trade dream unfolded nicely:




The 3rd round OT is a bit of a reach, but perhaps less so than Spencer Brown was a few years ago? Gotta grow some competition and depth at OT (as well as the more commonly accepted hole(s) at IOL). After Dawkins we've got Brown, Doyle (off injury), and Anderson. That's not good enough.

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6 hours ago, Straight Hucklebuck said:

Looking like MLB is going to be a hole unless Wagner can be signed. 

McDermott gets his Round 1 defensive player after all. 


That’s exactly what I’m thinking. As it stands right now we don’t have a MLB or defensive signal caller. I’m certainly no draft expert but I’d love to see what some of the people on here are thinking. 

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On 3/15/2023 at 12:58 AM, Richard Noggin said:

Last one, promise. There's insane value in this one, and an appealing focus on winning at the LOS. 



IF and it's a big IF we can flip Oliver for a 3rd i think Kancey would be a fine replacement . DT is a sneaky big need for us 😳

Would love to hear Badol compare Kancey to Donald, my take he falls somewhere between Ed and Aaron.

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27. O'Cyrus Torrence

OG Florida


59. John Michael Schmitz

OC Minnesota


91. Israel Abanikanda

RB Pittsburgh


130. Parker Washington

WR Penn State


137. Jammie Robinson

S Florida State


205. Cam Jones

LB Indiana

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27. O'Cyrus Torrence

OG Florida


59. Jack Campbell

LB Iowa


91. Joe Tippmann

OC Wisconsin


130. Ronnie Hickman

S Ohio State


137. Roschon Johnson

RB Texas


205. Jalen Moreno-Cropper

WR Fresno State


That should cover all the bases

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27 Drew Sanders

LB | Arkansas


59 John Michael Schmitz

IOL | Minnesota


91 Kayshon Boutte



130 Roschon Johnson

RB | Texas


137 Luke Schoonmaker

TE | Michigan


205 Brenton Cox Jr.

EDGE | Florida

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27: R1 P27 WR Zay Flowers - Boston College


59: R2 P28 C John Michael Schmitz - Minnesota


91: R3 P28 LB Henry To'o To'o - Alabama


130: R4 P28 S Ronnie Hickman - Ohio State


137: R5 P2 RB Roschon Johnson - Texas


205: R6 P28 C Alex Forsyth - Oregon

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