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Justin Tucker's first missed FG actually broke the plane, and counted as unsuccessful correctly

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If that first one goes through the entire game is different: butterfly effect type thing. 

They go up 3-0, instead of us getting the ball there, Balt kicks off. The rest is history, no telling what happens.  Taron Johnson is likely never in position for a pick six. Maybe our offense hits on a couple more plays. no telling...but it sure was amazing that he doinked em both.

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7 hours ago, machine gun kelly said:

Back and to the left.  That is one magic loogie.




A classic!

9 hours ago, SlimShady'sSpaceForce said:

The Refs said No Good


oh well 🤷‍♂️ 

Through meaning passing through and landing between and behind the posts 



Can you imagine the blow-back if an official said, "It crossed the plane, and came back out, so it is good."


The world would go mad, like storm the Capital mad. Twitter would be shut down with conspiracy theories.

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It’s funny. Everyone can poke fun at this thread but during the game I was screaming at the TV, wondering what the heck two refs were checking with each other about...waiting to get screwed in true Bills fashion. The ball obviously hit the post. They could hear it. The ball obviously landed in the blue paint of the end zone. They could see it. Now we know what they were checking on. 

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There are some rules in the NFL that i have always had a hard time understanding !!

If the ball crosses the plain of the goal line it's a TD if the person holding the ball crosses the plain and the ball doesn't but his feet or any other body part touches the end zone and the ball doesn't cross the plain it's not a TD  .


But then if the ball crosses the plain of the goal post and comes back out it's not a FG ?


You have to keep control of the ball going to the ground in order for it to be a catch even if your elbow, knee or rear end has hit the ground before you lose complete control .


But the ground can't cause a fumble .


 If you have control of the ball on a running play when your elbow, knee or rear end hit the ground and then you fumble the ball after 1 or more body parts hit the ground you are down and it's not not a fumble  


A O lineman can grab a jersey as long as they grab in the chest area but if you go outside there say on the shoulder pad and grab the jersey it's Holding .


Then there was the play last year called on Cody Ford for illegal block in the back was it i can't remember the entire play but i remember he was called for something like that and looking at replay he hit him from the side not in the back but still got called for a foul .


Can y'all add any that you don't get to the list ?

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