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Who would you least like to date your sister? [From 2017] Diggs the runaway favorite

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21 hours ago, BuffaloBillies said:



OMG I feel so bad growing up watching such a cartoon that profiled a people as bad as Mel Blanc did in those cartoons OMG OMG OMG what were our parents thinking ?


They were thinking it was some innocently funny S**T just like i do because we weren't so freakin sensitive back in the day they won't even play speedy today because of those over sensitive sorts  ..


Thanks for posting this use to be one of my favorites so i guess that make me a very insensitive heartless American with no compassion for others 🙄 Okay so  been called worse actually on this board ... 



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Whom would I most like to date my sister? Probably Mitch Morse... that way I can sucker punch him and give him an easy concussion before I make my getaway if there is ever a dispute..


Who would I least like to date my sister? Dawson Knox.. he’s so bad he’ll be out of the NFL in 2 years and won’t have a job to support the fam..

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On 11/17/2020 at 6:32 AM, Thriftygamer83 said:

Could date my sister and then again he shows up and has more work ethic then a majority of our coaches and defensive players.

I thought the only one who you would let date your sister if Frank Reich ?

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That’s a Vikings video, of course. I suspect that you would get a very different response within both the Bills’ close-knit locker room as well as within the WNY community. As an example, I have two older brothers who are also big Bills fans (and may even be TBD members reading this lol…as well as my Dad…AWKWARD). I know that they would be proud and honored to have me date any one of the players on the team. Even Trent Murphy. Why? Because we are all “One” Buffalo, not “Many Selfish Individuals Who Don’t Respect or Care for Each Other and Don’t Understand the Meaning of Sacrifice for the Greater Good” Buffalo.


As a loyal upstate NYer, I know that it is my civic duty to make sure the valiant warriors that proudly represent our homeland are in the right frame of mind to win the big game. If I must be the designated slump buster that ensures the 10-catch 120-yard 2-TD game for Stefon Diggs against Miami (which, in turn, helps secure the FIRST AFC East division title in my entire BLEEPING lifetime), then SO BE IT. If me going out with Diggs burns bridges with true soulmate and local Erie County restraining order initiator, Cole Beasley, then SO BE IT. If I’m forced to endure all the continuous holding and grabbing during an awkward movie date with Brian Winters, then SO BE IT. If I must deal with Del’Shawn Phillips cancelling on me, then setting up another date, then cancelling again, then setting up one more time, then cancelling yet again and ghosting me for good, then SO BE IT. If this means a blind date turns out to be a jaunt to Applebee’s on a $25 gift certificate practice squad budget with potential blood relative (ew!), Trey Adams, then you know what? SO BE IT.


I have like 50+ more of these bad jokes, but I think you get the point. Remember our motto: ONE Buffalo, which is twice as unifying as TWIN Cities Minnesota. The Queen City compels it to be so.

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