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Bills TC Day 14 (8/13) - joint practice with Panthers in Spartanburg, SC

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1 hour ago, PromoTheRobot said:


DUHHHHHH! No s**t Sherlock.


Ye of little faith. Dabol is going to put Allen's strengths to full use. You win not with completion percentage, but with the most "home runs."

Look no further than the Yankees for comps. Can’t manufacture runs, so-so Pitching with fantastic defense and The LOOOONG BALL! Running away with the AL East. 2 wins shy of 27 straight winning seasons.


Chicks dig the LOOOONG BALL!

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2 quick hit notes I failed to include in my summary of yesterday's camp going-ons, but should have--


--There was a Bills fan who had made his own T-short honoring Pancho, "In Memory of Pancho Billa, RIP" stenciled across the back, and all of the autographs this fan got were on the shirt, thought it was pretty cool. 


--There was another Bills fan who canvassed the section looking for Sellers of any Josh Allen jersey on the spot--said his buddy forgot his and really needed one. Was offering $200 cash on the spot. Thought it was a joke at first, but another fan (who was rocking a sweet Kelly SB XXV patch jersey) took him up on it, provided the buyer also threw in the shirt off his back, which was a Bills Hawaiian themed number, also very cool looking. The buyer absolutely did that, lol. Paid 200 bucks plus the shirt off his back, to get the Allen jersey (by so doing, he flashed us his charging Buffalo tattoo on his chest--said he got that when the made the playoffs again in '17). Meanwhile, I stayed pat with the Allen jersey in my bag, and wound up with Beane's autograph on it. :)

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On 8/13/2019 at 8:58 AM, Ittakestime said:


Instead of this, they could be doing just shell practices back in OBD where they put millions into the treatment facilities.


We will see what people say when multiple guys end up injured.


What are we supposed to say now since there wasn't multiple guys injured?

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23 hours ago, YoloinOhio said:

he’s a McDermott player through and through


These McDermott players are really winning me over.  Dare I say, I'm a huge fan of this leadership.. to the point of love

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On 8/13/2019 at 4:57 PM, NoHuddleKelly12 said:

Some random observations from attending my first ever TC:


--Not sure how Wofford's facilities/feel stacks up to St.JF for the fans, but I was duly impressed with the overall "niceness." The only negative I have to gripe about is that finding/locating the correct access points, parking to the field and TC grounds, left much to be desired--signage was poor and workers while nice and exhibiting Southern charm, were not great at giving further directions, jmo. I teamed up with another solo traveling Bills fan who was in a similar boat, and eventually we made our way to a lot that had Shuttle access, and that ended up being the best solution--so I got to the grounds about 15 min. after practices had already started.


--By virtue of being sheep following the crowd in front of us in order to find where we needed to go (signage people!), my new travel companion and I wound up queuing in a line at the very state of the art fieldhouse by the shuttle drop off, and wouldn't you know it, there was a Bills photog taking everyone's picture with Billy Buffalo, and welcoming us to camp--very nice. Next to Billy Buffalo, was a Bills alumnus signing autographs...I'm ashamed to admit neither of us could figure out who it was at first, and neither could a fan behind us who'd just flown in from Seattle (he said for business, and it just worked out for him to come to camp also)--then I caught sight of the glossy printouts he was signing of himself for the fans, and it was none other than Nate Clements--another nice touch brought to you by One Buffalo! I thanked him for his Bills service after collecting my freebie signed swag, and off we went to the field level.    


--Bills fans were "segregated" to a viewing area at the left side end zones of the two practice fields, while the Panthers fans were treated to better sideline viewing--however, this may have inadvertently backfired on the organizers, as it became painfully obvious that Bills fans outnumbered the locals, and wide swaths of green viewing lawn were visible in the Panthers section. Great job at getting out there, southern Bills Mafia (As well as a not insignificant number of NYers, from convo snippets I overheard along the way). It was incredibly gratifying to see all of the Bills fans out in such force away from home, and I think it even caught the Bills FO off guard some? More on that later. In terms of the viewing, it was hit or miss for those of us without media or VIP passes--simply a function of being in the end zone areas 5-6 fan lines deep from the fencing, and inexplicably having a large cart of some kind parked directly behind the near field goal post, taking away all middle views of the action, if you weren't catty corner enough where you stood. We moved around enough to make it work to see here and there.    


--Yes it was brutally hot, but the BIlls fans got the better end of this bargain, because all of the shade-casting trees outside of the VIP tents, were located at the backs of the Bills fans standing/sitting in the endzone areas, while the Panthers fans baked in the open sun, from what I could see. In truth, I can't give you guys as solid of a rundown of the action on the field today, as I was processing just being at camp and all that that entails--I enjoyed soaking up the experience and talked with a lot of Bills fans around me, so my attention wasn't always where it needed to be, or my view was compromised, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it all. 


--The first units I saw in action was the Bills starting D going against Cam Newton on the near field going towards the EZ, so the Bills section was the best one here--by my unofficial count, Newton was 1/3 on these redzone passing drills against our secondary, but that was the only time I saw Cam all day, as I migrated fairly quickly to the far side field where the Bills O was operating. Josh completed about half of the passes I saw him throw, but I counted at least 2 drops, one by Sweeney and one by Smoky, that should've been caught, imho. Josh also ran a few designed run plays that I was glad to see--Dabs may not want to bottle him up in the pocket after all?


--The "reception" line greeters for the Bills today were Smoky Brown (he didn't walk the whole fence line, but he did make himself available near the VIP tent fencing area), Josh Allen, House $$ and Reid Ferguson. Coach McD walked the whole line, high-fiving all who stretched their hands out far enough (I gave a weak sauce effort and was thus not rewarded, as I was trying to film on my phone at the same time) and he apologized for not stopping to sign autographs, he didn't have time and couldn't make exceptions. Next Coach Dabs darted here and there like a triggerfish deciding whether or not to dive into the crevasse of the coral reef, and decided to take the high road instead, quite literally--he walked back away from the fan fence as quickly as he'd come, but he did smile and wave a bit like the Queen, so there's that. Allen to his credit, ran the entire gauntlet of the fan fence, and literally signed for every single kid there under the age of 10, but I saw that he wouldn't sign for any adults, no exceptions. I do respect that--he had limited time, and there were a ton of fans there, but he still made the most of it by making sure that each kid there got to interact with him, take selfies, etc. When Josh was right by where I was standing, I blurted out that my daughter was born on the same day as his Leap heard round the world over Barr, and that got me a verbal acknowledgment, but still no dice as to the Allen jersey I was holding out to be signed. Oh well, I guess next time I will have to make sure to bring my kiddos along as Allen autograph insurance!! 


Besides getting to share the aforementioned details of my baby's birth story with Josh Allen, lol, the highlight of my day was Brandon Beane. Guys, this GM is the real deal, no other way to say it. First, by this time it was already 30-45 minutes or so after practice had wrapped up, and the man stood there and signed for everyone, young and old, without appearing to be in any kind of a hurry, and was cheerful to one and all. He ended up signing my Allen jersey (it's a double XL and I've lost a few lbs this year, so can't wear it anymore anyway) and also posed for a selfie. I thanked him for organizing the Bills coming down south for these sessions, as it gave those of us living near enough a chance to see the Bills up close too. He responded by being appreciative for all of the fan support there locally and said they were glad it worked out the way it did. He got a laugh when one of the fans yelled out, "Thanks for drafting Ed," to which he replied, "Just thankful he was still there when we got him." I also heard several fans saying thanks for bringing hope back to Buffalo, which seemed to leave an impression on him also. Class act, all around.      


A great day for this Bills fan!!!


**I'm working on getting my pics and some vids together in a way I can post without violating the size limits...that will follow.    




Followup to the above notes, with a few of the vids and pics I took at the practice. I haven't included any video where it was impossible to ID the player, or where visibility of the play or its completion ended up being obscured for some reason. I also didn't include video I took of random coaches/players just standing/walking around--if you want that too though, LMK.



A view away from the fields and towards the Panthers' fans viewing section on the hill--definitely ended up being more Bills fans attending. 

It was around this time I got my verbal acknowledgment from Allen, but no autograph lol, as explained in my notes. 









This pic proves Allen would look even better in a red helmet!



Smokey hanging out a bit right after practice.


Reid Ferguson--super nice guy from what I could see. 



Beane stuck around the longest of any Bills personality, and was very gracious with all fans who approached him. 





Looking back at where Beane was still signing and taking pics, long after practice had ended and most of the crowd dispersed.




Here is a short playlist of selected videos I took also:



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