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  1. My list: Ravens Panthers Bears Cowboys Packers Chiefs Chargers Rams Patriots Saints Eagles Steelers Seahawks
  2. I think ex-players will start using CTE as an out in situations like this.
  3. Wasn't he training to be a police officer in Houston? Maybe this is part of the training...
  4. Yeah, you def suffer from TDS. Should get that checked out...
  5. Outrage culture. Everyone want's their wining to be heard! "Look at me, look at how angry I can get, I want satisfaction!"
  6. We live in an era of extreme stances with no middle ground and every single fan can have a voice and get the attention of even the players themselves via social media. As someone said before, we had this same infighting even in the 90's. I had an Aunt who absolutely despised Jim Kelly and was all too happy to point out that all the SB losses were because Jim Kelly sucked. We are just repeating history in a diffetent era with different tools at our disposal.
  7. You're the one missing the point of fandom tbh. Anyone reporting on the NFL is looking for clicks not the truth.
  8. Schopp finds things he knows the Bills would not be on board with and harps on those topics to make himself look right. If the Bills continue to lose this shock jock method will continue to get ratings. If the Bills ever do start winning, it will be interesting to see what their show will become because the constsnt negativity will no longer work.
  9. lol, welcome to tribal human nature. Most fans are not going to do any type of logical analysis. We don't do that in relationships, we don't do that in politics, and we definitely don't do that with sports.
  10. We all use whatever we have to support our agendas. Allen superfans do the same... Just have to see how the season goes. My take is that neither side will get a clearcut victory. Allen will likely be a middle of the road QB this season.
  11. Yes, but there will always be valid criticisms of the Allen pick unless he makes it impossible to question the selection. Not saying it is fair, but that's where it stands. There's tons of people who take the stance Schopp takes, and there is only one way they will ever shut up.
  12. So, instead of whining, why don't you just wait until Allen is awesome in the regular season when it counts? Then Schopp won't have a leg to stand on. There is only one person that can stop the Josh Allen bashing and that is Josh Allen, it's all up to him.
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